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Saturday, August 4, 2007

How do we Rate?

Fireworks galore After the last show Sunday night, we were both sad to be leaving Wichita after what was such a short visit. You anticipate these theatre breaks for months, and then it seems like it was all over in minutes. There was one final kicker though. We decided to order room service, and as we were waiting for it, a fireworks display started up about 10:30 that night. (Lucky show time had been at 7 rather than 8 that night, otherwise, we'd have missed it.) My little Vivitar that takes film clips has come through for me like a champ, best $100 bucks I ever spent. I got almost the whole thing, but the whole show was a little longer than 10 minutes. For purposes here I uploaded the final two minutes. My voice is the louder one. Wichita was no end of fun.

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