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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Damn Yankees - redux

Sometimes there are exchanges in a musical which just tickle you

Here is a favorite of mine from Damn Yankees: A handshake agreement has been made between Applegate (aka Beelzebub) and Joe that Joe will be able to become the world's best baseball player, so that the Yankees may be beaten in the American Leagure race by the Washington Senators. (Washington: [was always] First in War, First in the Hearts of His Ccountrymen, and Last in the American League.] Joe wants a "Get out clause" and he has the devil's word that he doesn't have to sell his soul if he backs out by Midnight of Sept. 24th.

See here for handshake

Applegate: It's a deal.

Joe: That's all?

Applegate: Sure. What did you expect? Sign your name in blood or some phoney stunt like that?

[Unbeknownst to Joe, the season doesn't end until Sept. 25th that year!]

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