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Friday, August 24, 2007

Sistahs with 'tude

1st nun from left looks like Sister Battle- Axe, my 6th grade homeroom teacher. A twenty-one gun salute to orthometer's "anonymous" poster who left a pointer to this fun fisheaters website that looks like a real blast.

Honest, s'tr, the dog really did eat my homework!


The Woman of the House said...


What a great sense of humour you have! I'll have to send this to my Aunt who also lives on the left coast, often complains about the nuns at school back in Ireland. She leans a little to the left. It would be good for her to see a good conservative Catholic with a wry sense of humour. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. I ended up putting my photos on Snapfish for friends and family. God bless,

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks Adele! I have to laugh at this photo. It looks so REAL it probably *is* real. I wonder what the occasion was? And really, the nun at the left DOES look a lot like Sister Aline. In school I was a real goodie two shoes at the age of 11 -- and really throughout. I was not a "problem" child at all - but this one nun really hated my guts!

I had her for the two years I lived in New Hampshire. Thank God I only had her for French (5 times a week!) Art (1 period) and homeroom. When I was leaving the school, one of our "nice nuns" [they were all "nice nuns" except for her] told us: "I know who you class is having for homeroom next year" So the kids said "Who sister?" And she said "You're getting Sister Aline again." The ENTIRE class groaned, myself included. Sister happened to have been looking in my direction when I groaned too, and she said "KAren, you're LEAVING next year...why does it matter to you?!" And I said "Well, it's just not FAIR!!!!" So reflexive. Sister Pauline stifled a smile (normally we would have been KILLED saying something like this). I suddenly realized that while Sr. Aline made my school life a living hell for roughly 8 hours a week, these women in her convent had to LIVE with her. I had "sudden insight" into the grownup world. Definitely a milestone in realizing that maybe the adults weren't ALL "out to get us."

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