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Monday, August 13, 2007


Hey, my BS detector just went off the hook! I was reading Fr. Michael Clifton's new "Fr. Mildew" blog, and he writes that he hates meetings. From my days in "corporate America" I bet many of us loathe them too. There has been a game called "bullshit bingo" that has been making the rounds, for some time now.

You can even secretly connect to this website and amuse yourself no end. I thought it would be fun to make up a Catholic version of the game. Instead of yelling "bull shit" when you have 5 up, down or diagonally, you could yell out some substitute phrase like "Westminster Cathedral" if you are British, or "Cardinal Mahoney" if you are a Californian.

Here is my version of a game board ... you can make up your own, of course:


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Look Karen just stop it. I have a chest infection and it hurts when I laugh!!

Mine would have 'level playing field' and 'we also worship the same god'.

gemoftheocean said...

Glad you liked it....I can't go to sleep because a certain priest party at church said something to a certain other priest party at church in front of both myself and a 10 year old server and said offending party was exceedingly uncharitable and nasty to the point where I am considering going to the bishop about it...because this is the 2nd time said party has gone off on said priest in the presence of a young server (much less me.) The problem I'm having now is said bishop isn't the most receptive person on planet earth, but given I would take a personal bullet for injured party... I can't see how I can fail to go to bat for said injured party. Last time this happened several years ago said offending party got so sick for days he had to crawl to said injured party to cover for his miserable you know what....said incident happened right before Mass and it was a miracle we got through it, yours truly adding a "special intention" to pray for uncharitable people. Said offending party has no "edit button" and over the years this "dark side" has come out. Said offending party has been known to finally take his head out of his backside and come to reason.. so I don't know if the situation will resolve itself....but that was one too many scandals in front of a young person, much less myself. Said server got an apology from ME for offending party saying what offending party said in front of server. And I was hopping mad it was said BEFORE Mass - if at all.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I'll pray for you.I'll offer up this chest infection for the priest.

I wish this was rare-but it isn't.

God bless

gemoftheocean said...

Prayers appreciated. I am really struggling with this. I didn't do anything yesterday, as I thought 1 day to clear the air needed. I was still in a white hot mode pretty much most of yesterday. I'm still mad today, but in one of those "yes, all right perhaps I can think out the options rationally now --

I did a lot of thinking about what Fr. Tim F. said the other day. It was the perfect post about St. John Caffasso re: "The dignity of the priest." What happened was beyond the pale and it happened in front of an impressionable youngster.

If that child should serve Mass for the offending priest again what will that child be thinking when the reverential bows are made to the priest? Will ALL his actions be seen as cynical and/or hypocritical? Even the Mass itself?

I look back at the men I admired as priests when I was ten. If I had witnessed such a scene then, I'd have been devastated and felt sick inside. As it was, I feel sick inside NOW, having witnessed the bit I did...and when I came upon the scene it was already "in progress" for a bit. The server witnessed more than I did. And I personally pulled the server aside.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about what makes people turn from the faith. Especially when the faith is in the process of being formed.

I also apologized to the server in question after Mass...and mentioned the same to the parents, as they had a right to know.

It was bad enough when he pulled a similar stunt a few years back in front of a 15 year old - but this was infinitely worse.

The Church is a place people should go to for refuge - and NO priest is perfect - it's very unrealistic to think that Fr. never loses his temper or does everything 100% right. Everyone has warts - but this was beyond the pale. It was a scandal to the faith. Doing a thing that might cause others to doubt their faith. And that's just unconscionable when we're talking about children. I think he owes that child a personal apology.

About an hour from now I will call the offended priest, and ask if the offender made any kind of amends. If not, I feel duty bound in some way to take action.

All prayers more than welcome!

gemoftheocean said...

And even if he apologized to the priest in question for the way he handled the situation, the child should still be apologized to.

swissmiss said...

First visit to your blog!

The BINGO made me laugh, but here in MN we would have to add a square for recently ordained Roman Catholic womenpriestesses. Cack, gag. Goodness, you'd think we were wiccan or something.

Don't know all that's going on in your above comments, but will keep all in my prayers. Does not sound good.

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks for the support. I sometimes can feel people praying for me...and this is one of those times. And of course, please pray for both priests, and the child who witnessed the ugliness. In some ways, it is the child I am most concerned about, certainly for long term respect for one priest in particular, priests in general and the Church and the sacraments as a whole. [BTW, this was a verbal abuse situation.]

Swissmiss: At least it wasn't as bad as a wiccan "Mass." l-D ARRGH. Anyone going around ordaining themselves irritates me no end. I don't want to go back to the 50s where women were patted on the head and treated as not-too-bright-grown
children - women who "shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about things because big strong man on a white horse will ride up and take care of everything." Life just isn't like that. But these bozos are wrecking things all around.

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