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Saturday, August 18, 2007

igPay atinLay ocksRay!

Oday oungyay eoplepay tillsay aysay hingstay niay igpay atinlay? Siay hetay ritishBay ersionvay foay igpay atinlay hetay amesay saay mericanAay? Howay eedsnay otay nowkay boutaay hetay blativeaay henway ou'veyay otgay igpay atinlay? Etterbay ormfay hetay erbvay taay hetay ndeay otay utpay? illWay eway ebay neoay appyhay hurchCay fiay eway llaay doptaay igpay atinlay? uOay eutpay-treeay eslay rancaisesFay emandentday galeeay empstay?

Hatway asway hattay ouyay aidsay boutaay lyingfay igspay? Iay hinktay Iay ustjay awsay neoay ootay!


Amy Giglio said...

I'm sorry, Karen, but I just don't have the energy to try to decode this right now...I'll try again omorrowtay.

gemoftheocean said...'s not as onerous decoding it as it was typing it! Hope you got a laugh anyway. rOay aybemay Iay houldsay ixnay noay hetay nglishEay?

EC Gefroh said...

Ha ha Karen. Thanks for the laugh!

Cathy said...

Words that start with vowels, like apple, become "appleway", not "ppleaay."

gemoftheocean said...

Ma Beck, is that a "general principle" that I've forgotten over time, or is that a Chicago flavor?


Anonymous said...

Karen? Are you sure you're not a tad manic?

Phil said...

As I was told the other day by an anonymous commentator: You can't tell the difference between the accusative singular and the genitive plural. I think he may have had this in mind! :-)

BTW, I love your main picture, the one with the happy, but fearsome lady in the bra. Where did you find it - it's so funny!

gemoftheocean said...

Philip: I'll have to "go through my files" but I think I might have got her off the website, but I'll take a look so you don't go crazy - he had some neat arcane stuff. And yes, that's the one thing I hated about Latin: "okay, so which of the 5 declensions is this? is this some sort of noun form, or am I dealing with a verb here." And deponent verbs are infernal. I think Augustine was just laughing when he claimed that the Latin came easy but the Greek did not. Pack of liars! I'm told the Finns have something like 15 different cases.

Regards the "Maidenform" lady she is a familiar icon to many who were around in the 50s and into the 60s. There was an ad campaign "I dreamed I did X in my maidenform bra." As this one was driving a chariot I thought the saying apt. I can't knit or reload a staple gun either, but other than that I'm "go to go."

Jackie: what? Me manic? Surely you jest!!!! No idea, I haven't let any voodoo docs near me. I haven't felt like skydiving without a parachute or like I will be global empress the next minute. I DO have visions if I am ever in the position of being empress to enact the following laws:
1) NO child under 15 will be allowed to record the answering message on any machine. It pisses off your friends, and they are secretly fuming listening through little Jennifer, aged two, lisp through a 5 minute greeting before they can leave a message.
2) Families will not be allowed to name ALL their children with the same first initial. This rule shall not apply to two child families. UNLESS the parents also both have that same initial. No more than 50% of the family can have the same 1st initial, and that's pressing it.
3) Pantyhose, tights will be outlawed.
4) French women must shave their pits.
5) Men must stop and ask for directions if they are lost for more than 30 minutes. 20 is preferable, but we must make allowances for the dears as they will generally come over and kill big, hairy spiders for one. One time I had to kill one all by myself with the back of a bigass shovel(tm) - I'd have used a bazooka, but I'm inside of city limits!

Cathy said...

Yeah, that's a general principle.
I was quite a scholar of Pig Latin in the second grade.

I second every one of your new rules, with a hearty "Hip Hip, Hooray!"

gemoftheocean said...

Ha-ha...Ma, last night after seeing your post I looked up the wiki article on Pig Latin! Who knew?! I would have to concede I used a simplified "ebonics" version of pig latin, but it's probably less of a pain to translate...though in the deep dark recesses of channeling my 4th grade persona, I do believe you are right!

Anonymous said...

Oh well that explains it! Not!

gemoftheocean said...

Jackie, in the American version of pig latin, you take the initial letter of a word and put it at the end and then add "ay."

"Happy" become "Appyhay"

Verstehen Sie?

But ma beck waa pointing out the further refinement which I had forgotten that usually if the 1st letter is a vowel...the word remain intact but "way" is appended.

"Apple" is "appleway"

swissmiss said...

I can barely do English when it is straight forward! Never had Latin in school, although we did have a course in pig Latin so was able to read about every other word.

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