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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Come and Get IT - Daylight in the Swamp

White Rock Cafe
Where the hungry eat to chow down. We loved the breakfasts the Hyatt laid on. Buffet or off-the-menu, it was all good. Especially all that bacon I wasn't supposed to have but did. The Salmon Benedict was particularly good the first time I had it -- Salmon lightly toasted and just "perfect." The chef in training must have made it the next time, 'cuz he/she forgot to toast it. If this was an accident the first time - you guys should do that "accident" all the time. The decor was one of those things where you'd think NO two patterns - in the place would match. But somehow it all did. My friend Christine and I decided "Ah, this is why designers get 'the big bucks' because if we tried to pull that together it would be more like: "Welcome to my nightmare." Or daymare, as the case may be. At any rate, I enjoyed the "white rock" pillars and brickwork this place had. All I could think of as a California girl was "I hope I'm not in this thing if one hits." We don't see much interior (or exterior) brickwork where I am from. For darn good reasons. This clip is 24 seconds.

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