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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A victory for the common man anywhere a victory for the common man everywhere.

The metric weenies in the UK backed down. UK tradesmen can now list by the pounds and ounces without government trying to crawl up their backsides.

Here in the US, for a while government Nazis were entertaining forcing kilometers on us. They've stopped trying to pull that crap. There was one photo I wish I had taken, but could never get. On the way from SD county up to "the mouse" there used to be a lone sign that had mileage between cities. Next to it, some government bureaucrat had stuck a sign which also had the distances in kilometers. There were MORE than a few bullet holes on the kilometer sign. NONE on the mileage sign to its immediate left. We're nothing if not good marksmen. Proximity to Camp Pendleton may have also been a factor. Eventually the kilometer sign was taken down as it was becoming an "attractive nuisance."

Miles and feet were good enough for Neil and Buzz and Houston too.

I remember reading that the frogs tried to force time into base 10. Disasterous. The Good Lord also chose 12 apostles and not 10.

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