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Friday, October 17, 2008

Pope at Film Premier

you can read the story here about the pope attending a film premier of a documentary about the life of JPII.

This picture strikes me as "odd."

#1 wouldn't you hate to be the women stuck sitting behind the pope? I bet they couldn't see ZIP!!! I bet the workmen who had to install that chair secretly bitched about doing that. "Geez, just this once...I suppose we should be thrilled he didn't ask us to carry him in like we were "native bearers."

#2 They're watching a movie and there isn't any popcorn, soda or Milk Duds in sight. What gives?

#3 Can't these people just "kick it" for once and show up in jeans, t-shirts and casual clothes like normal people? Why do they always have to be "on display" even when doing the simplest thing.

#4 how come the men and women are sitting separately as if they were in some Muslim hell-hole? I hardly think they need to be worried about some bishop putting his arm around some matron in the dark.

#5 And furthermore, it strikes me that the pope is taking a risk by being the only one sitting in a leather chair. I mean, come on...if you hear a "loud report" you know EXACTLY "who did it."

#6 why are these people watching a movie with the lights on

# 7 I bet there weren't any cartoons.


Kit said...

I'm with ya on the snacks, Karen - hey, if nothing else, the black frocks are AWESOME at covering up Junior Mint errors and Diet Coke stains. And Twizzlers accessorize nicely with the red sashes, too. Papa might have to stick with the unbuttered popcorn and Sprite, however...

gemoftheocean said...

:-D Il Papa strikes me as a Milkduds man. At least he doesn't have a cat on his lap. I love REAL popcorn, but in the last 20 years I've been so disappointed with the "buttered" "popcorn" I've opted for the Jr. Mints or Milk Duds. I could kill for some Jr. Mints right now.

Hey, also the "Dots." Too bad I'm old enough to have grown a conscience about throwing the black ones away under the seat. I can't stand black licorice.

Come to think of it some of those chocolate malt balls would go down well. Great. I got the munchies, and there's not a damn thing in the way of snacks in the house and it's too late to go out for them.

PJA said...

LOL! Oh, Karen. How many extra days in purgatory has this post cost you? I've come to the conclusion that even Jesus must laugh at your posts. How did a good ole American missy come to have such a wonderful British (-inspired) wit? Mind you, I can think of one British blogger who wouldn't see the funny side... you know who! ;-)

BTW, I understand that "our side", the... "Phillies", did you call them? - are doing rather well at cricket at the moment. Good show. Now remember, when next you go to see them, forget hot dogs and 2 pint paper cups of coke; it's a break for tea with cucumber sandwiches, home-made cakes and lashings of Earl Grey, otherwise, I'm not playing.

gemoftheocean said...

Philip, if you asked for caviar, champagne and strawberries, I'd feed it to you!!!!

[I think my first brush with "British humour" was reading Andy Capp!]

[This post is worth any extra time in purgatory!]

PJA said...

Andy Capp...? oh you poor child; but you you are such a dear!

I still go through life believing that little has changed since Enid Blyton first wrote the Famous Five books. Wizard!

Saw "Ugly Betty" last evening where Naomi Campbell was about to bat for "Elle" in an inter-magazine baseball game when her 'phone rang (everyone ducked!). "Oh Bono, can't talk now darling, I'm about to play cricket!" Absolutely fabulous, Sweetie Darling!

BTW Thanks for becoming a Fr T "admin", but would you mind signing us as a fanatic, too, as being the former does not grant the latter! Thank you, ta!


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Well would you wanna sit with a lotta Bishops?

Ælfheah said...

1. You mean carried in like every single Pope up until John Paul the Git decided it would be more appropriate for the Pope to be wheeled around in a converted golf-cart?
2. I think the Holy Father is embarrassed enough already.
3. Probably because that's how they do dress normally, but this is film premier. (When he's on holiday the Pope dresses as a layman. Clearly he's still embarrassed about being a priest, never mind Pope.)
4. You mean like Catholics did back in the days when most of them still went to church on Sundays (at least in my country)? Actually of course they're not sitting apart, they sitting together.

gemoftheocean said...

Jackie, are you kidding? Last time I sat next to any bishop for any significant length of time I scored a terrific medal.

1: Yeah. In St. Peter's at a major big deal is one thing. "Film premier" or not, it's just going to the movies!!!

2.&3 He should be!!! It's okay for a pope to be "normal" once in a while.

4. You're from a Muslim country?! I've never seen any Catholic country where the men and women sit separately at a social event. I know that it used to be Sicilian women dad that black widow weed thing in Mafia areas but I thought that was passe!

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and Philip, have to keep an eye out for "Ugly Betty!" Sounds smashing!

Kit said...

Don't forget the JUJUBEES!!! Great for whipping at people in the dark, also drummed up a lot of lost filling business for my dad the dentist (same with Jolly Ranchers).

PS Hey - you are in SAN DIEGO, where it is never too late, nor too cold, to make a late night snack run. (Damn, I miss it...)

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, I was thinking of those jujubees too. when I was a kid and went to the dentist, he'd always call up his wife "honey? You know that trip to the Bermudas? It's ON again!!!"

And yes, it's never too cold, but I've gotten lazy. HOWEVER, I did find a place with philly cheesesteaks, tasty-kake, wise potato chips and cherry water ice. I was in heaven. I'm done eating for the weekend. [No birch beer, but I chased it with Stewart's Orange Cream soda. The roll wsa imported from Philly and perfection. The water ice was amazing - chopped maraschino cherries throughout and absolutely perfect in every way.

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