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Friday, October 24, 2008

Is this what we can expect from the Nobama thugs?

....robber carves "B" into victim's face when he sees her McCain bumper sticker. Absolutely unheard of in US elections. "Brave" scum. Try that with a Hell's Angel, 'Rat.

If these lunatics lose OR win some of these Nobama supporters are going to try and start civil unrest. These freaks need to know a lot of us support the 2nd Amendment in ways that are not merely lip service.

Update: Stupid prat woman faked this whole thing. She deserves the black eye she gave herself, and to be thrown behind bars. The Nobama freaks have enough real violence to put in the pot without hoaxes. Not to mention the voter fraud out there.


swissmiss said...

You heard about the Obama campaigner who got the Secret Service out after a woman in TX who told her she wasn't voting for Obama, didn't you? Big Brother is already eating at our table.

gemoftheocean said...

God, I can't stand these people. Mark Larson and Mike Savage (whom I don't normally listen to) had a
pa. DEMO with good creds, Phil Berg SERIOUSLY lay the Charge that Nobama isn't even a citizen. Google "Philip Berg" and Obama - and you should get an eye opener - if it's not true, WHY is Nobama leaving the Manchurian candidate issue wide open.


rick allen said...

I trust you'll now note that this claim has turned out to be a hoax?

gemoftheocean said...

Rick, yes, I will ==

Anonymous said...

what on earth is this woman on? How pathetic. I will pray for her, i think she needs psychological help as well as prayers though.

oh my gosh, look what word i have to type into your word verification looks like 'mental'...'mentshal'

Ironic huh?

Smiley said...

I think that the assassination attempt was a fake. I think it was paid for by the nobama crowd so as to get more sympathy votes for nobama. I can see him stoop so low cant you?

gemoftheocean said...

SMiley, who knows? With 300 million people there's always someone out there who wants to "get" number one - or any candidate. Thank God most of these cretins ARE cretins and get caught.

swissmiss said...

Having the Secret Service called out after a woman in Lufkin, TX, who didn't support Obama is NOT a hoax, although the wing nut that made this false claim should be tarred and feathered (drawn and quartered is a little to harsh for me...I just saw the HBO series on John Adams where they had a man tarred and feathered).

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