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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thunder and Rainbows

...that's what I drove to work in this AM. How cool (the rainbow) and scary (the lightening) at the same time with us coming into fire season. Not much rain during those lightening hits either, which is why it was scary - though I should be grateful, traffic was hellish enough with people even THINKING it might be a downpour. Trust me, first heavy rain of the season, smart San Diegans call in sick. to avoid the hell on the roads. Lest you think we are sissies:

Take 9 months without any appreciable rain fall. +
9 months of oil and grease build up on all freeways +
A lot of people who don't "get" basic physics and why you should not tailgate, particularly in wet weather when grease has had a chance to build up that long.

Do the math. Stay home. Or go in at 3 am or 10:30 am, after they've cleared all the fender benders.

I like to think the weather was St. Michael's doing - having a battle out in the heavens.

Hope my two cousins Michael S. and Michael K. had happy feast days.

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