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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Useful Website

...I'd run across this web site on the Catholic Hierarchy before, but forgot to note it. Very useful for figuring out who was bishop of what diocese when, statistics etc. Worth a look.

I thought my own diocese of San Diego was bad enough with just under 3 thousand Catholics per priest - but Las Vegas is nearing 6000 Catholics per priest. Both dioceses have roughly 30% of the populace as Catholics.

Personally, I say my Sunday rosary for all priests, and a Saturday rosary for more vocations. I hope others join me.


deb said...

Here is something odd... my diocese is Raligh, NC and we have 1,200 people per priest but we probably have less Catholics then your area. I wonder why.

gemoftheocean said...

#1 - our bishop is particularly LAME at promoting vocations, and that goes from TOp on down through the ranks.

#2 - at the risk of saying something very UN-PC, many of our Catholics are recent Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal. Let me just say that it is safe to say that, while there are MANY very bright and academically motivated INDIVIDUAL Hispanics - as a group, academically they under perform. A priest should be able to handle graduate level work.

Frankly, besides not producing enough English speaking black/white priests, we SURE as heck aren't having enough from the largely Mexican American community. That said, there are some very fine Hispanic priests in the diocese, but not enough of them as a percentage of the population. From what I understand, the Vietnamese descent certainly pulls their fair share of the vocations from reports I've read about such things.

Even so --- reason 1 is the biggest problem. We USED to have a seminary. Now we send them to St. John's Camarillo. 'nuff said.

This particular bishop brags that he's "built new high schools." No. What he's done is rather than KEEP the old high schools and ad to them, he's replaced them Since I've moved here in 71 the population of SD county has literally doubled. Net gain in Catholic schools. A big fat ZERO. That's as in "zip, nada, zilch, niente d'affatto, and BUPKIS."

I can't wait for this guy to retire.

[Dons flame retardant suit....flame away!]

Anonymous said...

In this site indeed very strange information about our country there is. More lesser we are.

P.S. Inversion - sorry. I can't stop it)))

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