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Monday, September 15, 2008

Exaltation of the Cross

Here is the 5th station of the cross in my parish, which is named after the Patron Saint of the United States.

I've always been glad that these particular stations are carved out of stone and it's easy to tell what they're supposed to represent! ["Feh" on Modern Art stations that are "primitive art."]

In the sacristy, we also have a document which essentially allows for these stations to be put in our church. The document was dated in 1938, and signed by then Bishop Buddy. Don't know *what* they were using for stations before that. I must retake this photo as it's somewhat fuzzy. You can click the pictures to enlarge.

I wonder if there was a Latin "standard form" that the bishop ever sent out that said something along the lines of: "Are you kidding, I've SEEN those proposed stations. No, you may NOT put those in your church, or pawn them off to any other church in the diocese. Matter of fact, take them out back, bust them up with a sledge hammer, and don't ever think of putting something like that in a church again, or your next assignment will be in the outer boondocks." Oh, for the days when a bishop could rattle a saber over something like this.

It seems to have been given to satisfy some requirement come up with in the 1700 hundreds


Jammy said...

I like Duncan Hunter for some reason, even though he is not my councilman. He is still one of San Diego's Councilman isn't he?

I guess you can tell i am not up on hometown issues, except for what I see on the TV news.

gemoftheocean said...

Duncan Hunter was our congressman for many, many years and the chairman of the house armed services committee when the Republicans held a majority in congress. He was the ONLY republican candidate who was prolife, HAD A CLUE about illegal immigration, knew damn good and well we are being KILLED by H1-B workers who ARE taking our jobs and the corporates are getting away lying through their teeth about "how we don't have enough americans skilled in computer science to do that" bull**** we don't... is great on defense, served, etc. But would the talking heads ask him hard question he could shine on? No. It was "what's your favorite color" and then moon over Guilliani and Hucksterby. If it wasn't for Palin and the treat of NoBama [who is a danger to the republic] I'd be damn tempted to write him in for pres. I've never been a fan of McCain, though he's a damn sight better than Nobama, and McCain would go after any terrorist bastards if they tried any stunts. Nobama would be having the riffraff in.

Duncan's son, who served in Iraq, is running for his seat. And if the son is half as good as his dad, we've got a good deal.

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