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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stuff you'd just KILL to have

Definition of insufferable

(I bet He was pretty good!)

Time: 45 AD
Place: Galilee

Miriam: Hey, is that a new bureau?

Ruth: It SURE is, we love it.

Esther: Well, I suppose for around here it's nice, but WE have a Jesus original over at our house. So clever, even at 15. And he gave our son, Mordecai, his entire tool set as a wedding present at Cana.

Miriam: Oh, that Sheraton bureau? Isn't that the one where the drawers stick a bit?

Esther: No dear, you must have us confused with the Finklesteins.

Ruth: Bowl of milk for you two?


Mulier Fortis said...

I love that moment, in The Passion of the Christ, when Jesus is showing Mary the new table he's made... a tall table, designed to be used with people sitting on chairs. Mary crouches at the table to get the idea, and nearly loses her balance.

"No, it'll never catch on" she mutters...

It's a brilliant scene!

gemoftheocean said...

Me too. I LOVE that scene. I am also torn up by when Mary sees Jesus fall carrying the cross and does a "flashback" to him falling and crying as a child and picking Him up. If there were such a thing as time travel, I'd love to be the neighbor lady Mary borrowed a cup of sugar from.

I can just see Jesus proudly displaying the inlaid with marble chess/set coffee table he's designed. Grand Prize at the county fair for sure. :-D

I wonder if "He" had a hidden craftsman signature somewhere on His work. "The Author of the universe designed this barcalounger especially for his childhood friend, Sammy."

The Digital Hairshirt said...


I'd like a nice writing desk, myself.

Got your query on the Digidog - posting (with picture) up at my blog!

X said...

Gem, LMAO - great post!

gemoftheocean said...

Angela, I often muse about what it was like being one of Jesus's neighbors, or being from Nazareth. What must His childhood playmates been like? Did the girls in the town have a crush on Him? I'd be curious to know if any of the neighborhood boys wanted to fight Him! "Little Jesus never talks back to HIS mother...little Jesus always does what HE is told..little Jesus always helps His dad in the shop and never complains...." or was there an aura about Him even then that made the neighborhood kids not want to get into any childhood fights. But then we have that business of "Who, HIM?! The carpenter's kid? ("That was the kid that broke my window (albeit accidently) when He was playing stick ball?") And Jesus saying "these are a stiff necked man is a prophet to his own people" or whatever the precise wording. the subtext being "Here I've been raising people from the dead, making the blind see...and these people think I got all this from a 'Secrets of the Amazing Kreskin' guide" "Of course, I WAS the three-card-monte KING of Nazareth, you'd think even they would get a clue."

X said...

Gem, I suppose 2000 years ago there were those who recognized him as special and those who were so self absorbed they had their heads up their .... just like today!

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