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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Would you like a Stock Pick?

As the US campaign is hotting up, might I suggest an investment in hard liquor of all kinds. Breweries are also good too. Might I particularly recommend Seagram's? - I will be imbibing quite a bit of it from now until early November, and probably after it. This particular bottle was half full as of about 4 months ago. Until then it had taken me several years to gradually drain the bottle, this being the one I kept (notice the past tense here) for New Year's, Easter, and "Medicinal purposes." I expect minimally to go through a good half case. Multiply by millions.

Some of my US readers in particular notice that even though Duncan Hunter, who I was supporting, the ONLY decent conservative in the race, dropped out for lack of funds and a "shut-up-I-paid-for-this-microphone" moment of the Reagan variety, which is what he needed to do but didn't. I'm keeping his logo on my site as my little hissy fit.

That backstabber McPain, with his so-called campaign finance reform and his willing accomplices in the press and government, virtually guaranteed that unless a candidate is very wealthy or has union slush money, it's going to be all about the money and not the ideology.

For various reasons I literally can't abide ANY of the presidential contenders. Hucksterbee is a fraud, Paul is a wimp-nut, Guiliani over-my-dead-body, and Romney is a socialist blow dried Massachusetts I-too-can-become-a-god untrustworthy SOB. And this last is the BEST candidate still in. I am NOT at liberty, as things stand now to vote third party or write in in the general election come November, particularly if that witch Hillary gets the nod in her party. Because as bad as Romney or any other Republican is, she is a danger to the republic. Never has such evil seeped into the body politic of America as the Klinton Klan.

There is no true conservative still in the game for the GOP. The best I can pray for is Mitt winning the nod, the conservatives insisting on a REAL conservative like ex(thanks yous a$$hole$ in the Philly 'burbs for falling for Casey)-senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum or Hunter for Veep, Mitt winning, then on the day after the election Mitt fooling around on his wife, and his wife incapacitating him so he can't count to 21 unless he is naked, and he is forced to step down in favor of the veep-elect to take office. That's going to require a MIGHTY thick prayer rug. Dream on about a brokered convention, it ain't gonna happen, and if by some chance it does it will be one of the three losers with one of the other two as the running mate, unless the GOP grows hundreds of "sets," which they currently lack, their former "sets" having shriveled up, dropped off, and rolled under couches and behind ice-boxes.

I will continue to display "Hunter" on my blog. So don't assume I haven't been paying attention. As for why McPain is toast, see here, Ann Coulter's 2nd paragraph says it all. For all you need to know about Rudy, the below photo is not photoshopped, other than possibly lighting adjustments.

(C'mere sweetheart, gimmee a big kiss.)


Kit said...

Oh's gonna be a long 9 1/2 months. I just hope like heck it won't be the start of a long 8 years!!!

gemoftheocean said...

God, me too!! Me too. The BillyClinton years were bad enough as it is. These people know FAR too many people who died under mysterious circumstances. These were the same people that treated the 1st attack on the WTC as "a law enforcement issue."

[And hey, thanks for visiting my website, I think it's the first time you left a comment!]


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I have been getting more depressed by the day as I watch your election stuff. America is a huge country; where the hell do these dreadful weirdos you have for politicians emerge from? Ye gods I thought our lot were bad!
Living under the tyrany of Mediocrity Brown I look across the pond for hope...and there is none.

If the witch-woman wins she will be great buddies with Destroy-the-Family sinister-ministers over here.

I do honestly believe that what happens in your govt effects ours.
PLEASE not Hillary or Kill-the-babies-Obama! PLEASE I'm begging you...

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks for the sympathy WSNS -- NEVER, no election cycle in my memory in the primaries and run up the the election has been such hell. The Democrats pure evil, and the GOP without a backbone.


Kit said...

Wow, I thought I'd introduced myself before this...HI from a former San Diego resident (missing it terribly, too) and thanks again for the snaps. Back to the Clintons...two of the most snarky, dishonest people in politics (IMN-S-HO) blasting at Bush for corruption during his administration given what went on during Bill's. Makes me sick at heart and gut to imagine 8 more years of that. Seriously looking at teaching exchanges overseas if it comes to pass. I honestly am not sure who I like best among the Republicans (and YES, Duncan Hunter ROCKS!) but I'm at an "anybody but Hillary" place. Arrrrrgggghhhhh.....

gemoftheocean said...

The one I absolutely refuse to vote for if he gets the nod in the GOP is Rudy. He can take a flyin' leap through a doughnut hole. I can barely stand the sight of most of them. McPain would be insufferable, and he ranks very low on conservative record. God help us. The best thing we hae to look forward to about this time next year is a coup d'etat.


swissmiss said...

It's almost to the point of tossing our right to vote because what good is it to have a right that is like plunging a dagger into your gut. There are no candidates left to vote for...and I'm a perpetual optimist. The candidates are all truly scary for one reason or another. I guess the Canadians have been flushing hard up there because all the ideological (*&% is trickling down this way.

Check out MN for what the third party will do for you. Jesse the Body had a thinner skin and thicker head than your average caveman.

We've also given the world Humphrey, Mondale and Wellstone. God help us.

gemoftheocean said...

SwissMiss, as bad as Minnesota is (and you're right) Massachusetts has you beaten by a country mile. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy should have remained a virgin. I got a laugh out of Caroline Kennedy's endorsement of Obama because he reminded her of her father. [She's a Kennedy, there's some sort of derangement genetically, whatever.] Hitlery must be FUMING all that lovey dovey we-Kennedys-just-love-the-Clintons apparently only extended to Bill and not the she-wolf.

My FAVORITE story involving Teddy is one time the late wife of William F. Buckley, Pat Kennedy were at a dinner party in Switzerland together with Ted and a number of other people. Ted asked to borrow a car to take back to were he was staying after the party was over, and Pat Buckley said :"Hell NO you can't borrow a car, there's 7 bridges between here and there."


gemoftheocean said...

And Kit, I don't know how we survived the 8 years of Bill much less the Hildabeast. I'd hate to be one of her SS guards. She's such an ingrate. I'd rather resign.

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