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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In my Case, I need the "Perspiration" Part

Sorry I've been a little light on original content as of late, I've got a few good ideas, but don't have the energy to fuss with a few features of Photoshop I need to learn before I can execute them! Ah well, give me time and I can snap out of it.



Adrienne said...

You're still way ahead of me. I'm still trying to figure out how to make my photos download directly into Photoshop instead of my Kodak program.

I did manage to transfer all my Kodak pics into PS -- and that was just a stroke of luck.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, no credit to me on that one Adrienne. I don't have a Kodak program, so my guess is it thinks it has "default."

Of course, you should be able to open any pic with your photoshop. Just right click the pic, and then hit "open with" and the little arrow will bring up the programs you can open the photo with.

Overall I try a lot to illustrate my blog I do try to use a lot of photos I've taken, I'll usually take the picture, (or scan in one I have) put on the computer lately I've been taking the SD card out and just plugging it into a the computer. I open the file, crop if needed and adjust lighting a bit, usually "autolevels" will take care of what ails in that dept. Then I open up in paint and resize using the image/stretch skew facility. the post I did for this one took me no more than 10 minutes including scanning it in.

BTW, I LOVE Norman Rockwell. One of my favorites all time. I love the old masters, all sorts of art work (save the Jackson Pollock school and Picasso) -- etc. but Rockwell is a special favorite. I like the French Impressionists too. And the Ruskies, like Repin hit deep in my soul! And let's not even talk about Italian Renaissance.... to die for.


Adrienne said...

I thought right from the beginning that I needed to take out my Kodak program. It says to click on the little camera on the bottom right but my pictures are already being dumped into Kodak by that time.

To be fair I have only played with PS once -- I'm kinda a "need to know" type of person. However, the time is here when I "need to know" so I figure I'll do my usual and just keep plugging away.

swissmiss said...

My MIL loves Rockwell. I'm a Maxfield Parrish kind o' gal. I almost posted something of his a week ago just to post a cool pic. Never got around to it.

Since it's soooo cold here lately, there isn't much perspiring, but I don't have much inspiration either. Actually, I've been so busy (and I thought things would really slow down last September, then I thought after Christmas, but it just keeps picking up steam!) and hubby has been monopolizing the computer with stuff for class. Now that my son is starting to really absorb stuff, he's wanting to learn about everything. The latest is the human body. We bought him a really nice book for Christmas and he's been engrossed in that ever since...but of course mom has to fill in all the blanks and show how everything goes together! And, then there's genealogy....

gemoftheocean said...

Swiss: And then there's the political scene. God, how I HATE everyone who's left in the REpublican field....but that she witch Hitlery is running, and by all means she must not gain power.

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