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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

?!Benny, it was just a joke, Really!

Either someone forgot to close a tab, or I kept the Vatican Entertained for 21+ hours! They surfed in via Fr. Blake's blog -- which probably means they ARE scoping him out for Cardinal. Obviously. Start getting fitted for that pointy hat, Fr. Ray. New? or would you like us to rustle up something expensive and antique?

I'll be curious to see if the pope adds a six-shooter next time he wears that red saturno. IF he starts getting greeted with "Howdy Pardner" it's his own fault for wearing something like that!


Adrienne said...

That's funny 'cause I had the North American College (at Lazio) logged in for almost exactly the same amount of time. Even a slow reader could do my entire blog in an hour.

I figured one of the students just left it logged on or some such thing.

swissmiss said...

I get this a bit too (more the Lazio thing). Try using Monsignor Ganswein's name and see what happens :)

I mentioned the Science Museum here in MN and had a visit from them and I mentioned the Historical Society and got a visit from them. I've mentioned Rep. Keith Ellison and got a visit from the House of Reps, mentioned other organizations and invariably they visit too. Paranoia or delusions or grandeur or both!

I typically have half a dozen windows open at one time, so I wonder how long it makes it look like I'm on some people's blogs.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Now you see why I had no words to describe your blog Karen-who can speak of one who has been visited by the Papa!

I would LOVE to believe he has spotted Fr Ray, I really would.
Ah well.

gemoftheocean said...

Adrienne I get that too re: LAzio, and I also had a North American college.

Swiss, your geekhood is manifesting itself. I like that!

gemoftheocean said...

WSNS: -- I can see the pope (well, almost) kicking back in his red boxers with a beer and a knockwurst, reading my blog saying "Mein Gott, diese Amerikanisher damen!

Wouldn't you hate to have to send out for your every little need? Sometimes even he has to just want to jump in the car and hang out and read the magazines at the 7-11 or whatever the German equivalent is.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

How do you track these things?

gemoftheocean said...

digi, there are a few out there but I use ""

It's free for the last 500 hits on your blog. I just have the one piece of code on my homepage, which it generated for me.

You can click on the "map" feature" feature, then it pulls up some nice pinpoints of where people check out oyou blog from. It ws the "map" that got me. When you blow up the little dots you see a little tag like the one I got.

Ive resisted paying for the thing, so just the last 500 hits is enough for me, though you can get a bigger log size. You can apparently put code in each blog you write, but thats too anal for me, (though if you dont it will throw off the length of time of visit, but I don't care so much about that.)


The Woman of the House said...

That is hilarious Karen!!! What kind of counter is that? I want one. Do not covet your neighbour's visit counter!!!

Thank you so much for the blog award. That was a lot of fun picking 10 more.

God bless you.

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