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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Good Lord. I knew it was getting bad over there for common crime but apparently the way the laws are written now in the UK you can be tried over and over again on hearsay evidence for allegedly being a homophobe. [Anecdotal incidents have been reported in the English Catholic blogosphere too over the last months, so this is no joke. Where's it going? Tried and convicted for teaching the fullness of the faith?] Meanwhile, people who've been convicted for heinous crimes with alleged "life sentences because of course they're really in for life and there's no need for a death penalty" walk after 15 months.

How long before they come around to the homeowners demanding all the pointy knives in the kitchen draw? Beef up the regular police force? Uh-uh....but boy, better get a massive effort on to collect fines from someone driving over the speed limit. "Pat down the grannies at the airport while a herd of Muslims screaming 'Allah-Akbar ' don't get challenged" "logic" run amok. In other words, hassle the law abiding and turn a blind eye to people who kick up a fuss if you try and put the cuffs on.

I hear they go out in the Midday Sun too.

But then this scenario, (save double jeopardy) is something the DNC and Hitlary would love. Even she would keep the rules regarding double jeopardy though, I mean, if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit, right? Nicole Simpson's killer must be a golfer or something, because OJ swore he wouldn't rest until he found him. He's been doing a lot of looking on golf courses. And of course, more of Hitlery's natural constituents would be around to vote for her if you bussed them wherever they needed to go and gave them enough booze and cigarettes.

Sheriff Arpaio, please check your cell phone messages.

(And yeah, I know it's an older article, but still an interesting read.)



Mulier Fortis said...

Where's it going? Tried and convicted for teaching the fullness of the faith?

Yup. That's about it. Not to mention tried and convicted for NOT teaching that homosexuality is just as good as heterosexuality. It hasn't happened just yet, but it's next on the agenda...

Watch this space!

gemoftheocean said...

You betcha. Don't think I'm just dumping on the UK -- I can see where the liberals over here are going with this political correctness stuff. I would like people to be taught to respect one and other and act "civil."

swissmiss said...

I just made a comment on your stock pick post and see that the MN theme applies here too. At the airport here is where they frisk folks with broken legs on crutches (a bit outside the terrorist demographics) but handle understandably upsetting incidents with kid gloves. MSP was where the imans were supposedly maltreated for scaring the pants off other passengers.

But, we do get points for having someone with the brains enough to notice that someone taking flying lessons and not wanting to learn how to land was a tad suspicious (Zacharias Moussaoui - the "20th hijacker").

gemoftheocean said...

Swiss you got that right. I was so pissed when I read about that woman that tried to alert her higher ups: "You know, this ******* just might be a problem." Sure as **** it was. "Duh, what was your first clue, Sherlock?"

If I was the FBI I'd try and plant an agent in every mosque in the country. As far as I'm concerned: yeah, not all are guilty -- but they sure as **** know who the radicals are. TELL somebody, damn it! These people are more loyal to their co-religionists, nno matter how whacked out, because they are Muslims too. If I knew someone was planning to do "X" I wouldn't give a flip if they were supposed co-religionists, as a matter of fact, I'd be furious that people might even associate that person with my group.

Cathy said...

Is this a bad time to tell you that I had to dump two bottles of water which I was carrying to mix with baby formula the other day?
Unopened, room temperature 12 ounce bottles of water.
For my baby.
Who was with me.

Direct quotes of the genius at the checkpoint?

"Buy bottled water at one of the stores near the gates."
"You can bring water but it has to be Nursery Water®."
"I'm the face of a reactionary, paranoid government."

(Okay, she didn't say that last one. But she should have.)

I hate those bastards.

gemoftheocean said...

Ma, so freakin stupid it's scary. Does it not occur to these dumbasses that if you can make a 12 ounce bottle of "normal" water look unopened. You can have a dirtbag supplier substitute a bottled of "something else" that also looks pristine as "Nursery Water."

How about "look, ***hole, here are three bottles, point to any one of them and I will drink it, if I dont keel over dead or blow up, can you let my on the plane with the other two so I don't have to shove them right up your rear end and cause a "scene?"

Meanwhile, 52 single arab men screaming "Allah Akbar" and making remarks about "infidels" waltz on the plane and all ask for seatbelt extensions, and none of them weighs over 160 pounds. No one is supposed to object. No. They are "special."


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