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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Conehead Brigade is At It Again

Last night at Mass at the end when announcements are made, the Saintly Father S. mentioned that in our diocese (and some others depending apparently on how the bishop "feels") the obligation of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was dispensed. Father said "you don't have to go -- BUT YOU *SHOULD* GO," thereby giving some clue as to how *he* felt about the matter.

Later this evening, I wanted to check it out myself, having thought "Wait...I thought those pinheads were only making it easier if the Holy Days fell the day before or after a Sunday with some exceptions...." because in this case the Jan 1 is TWO days after Sunday. According to the general calendar for the US Jan 1, 2008 IS a Holy Day of Obligation according to the USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.) See page 9. So I further checked our own diocesan calendar, and sure enough our weeny brigade has dispensed the obligation for Jan 1st. According to the USCCB conference the Hawaiians have the day dispensed too, by indult. (Hawai'i is even weenier than we are, having only two days - besides Sundays - as days of obligation, Christmas and Dec. 8th.)

Personally, my own thoughts are: It's EITHER a Holy Day, or it's NOT. Make up your minds, already. Not this, "well, it's a Holy Day, UNLESS we're also celebrating national hot dog day, or the bishop has a long vacation planned for that month, or there's a pink Cadillac parked on Main Street between the hours of 2-4p.m." Geez, make up your minds, hosers.


Adrienne said...

All Holy Days should be put back where they belong. Catholics need to stand up in the world and be Catholics. Excuse me, Mr. Boss, but I will be a bit late 'cause I HAVE to go to Mass.

Ever work with a 7th Day Adventist?? You can bet your sweet bippy they will not be working after sunset on Friday until sunset Saturday --- even in retail.

Next they'll be telling everyone that Mass on EWTN counts as Sunday obligation

gemoftheocean said...

"Next they'll be telling everyone that Mass on EWTN counts as Sunday obligation"

You read my mind. Look. If there is really only one Mass on a given Holy day of Obligation (small town, whatever) and you ARE *the* fireman on duty, yes, God will understand, and make it up when you can. Otherwise, get your hiney to Mass. The people who don't go no matter how "easy" you make it aren't going to go even if you say watching it on TV is okay, they still wouldn't bother to flip on the set. The people that DO go, just get annoyed, that these hosers have all these conditional deals. I especially resent the "well, by God, we'd be asking people to go to church two days in a row" stuff.


Cathy said...

The latest in the neverending offensive things done and said by your bishop, Kar.

I completely agree with both of you.

(Good news, though - Mass was absolutely packed today.)

The Digital Hairshirt said...


I am happy to say that both the New Year Eve's Vigil Mass (en espanol) and the 10:00 am Mass today (in English) at St. Joseph's was well attended, Deo gratias. Fr. Michael St. Paul did not disappoint in both his well designed and tasteful Marian chausible (nothing like what hereafter shall be referred to as The Abomination) and a sermon that reflected his devotion to Our Blessed Mother.

BTW, I lectored (is that a verb?) and Katie served (she got quite the workout hefting high the Crucifix).

gemoftheocean said...

Digi, glad everything went great for you, and hope you had a very happy anniversary. Actually I've dubbed that "thing" "Welcome to my DARYMARE." It's surprising how hefty the candles and crosses can be depending what they're made out of and how big. For instance that candle I held at the gospel, good size wooden one that goes in the stand. Our Catherine hasn't been tasked with that yet, as I know for a long reading that will not be possible for her to stay steady with for any kind of length of reading. She's 11 but small for her age and that candle is a lot heavier than it looks. Francis DOES manage, but he always wants to look at how long the reading is. The first few times he tried it he wavered manfully before he finally "got it" that if he held it too high or gripped it in the wrong places he was gonna be in trouble. "See I told you not to hold it that way. ;-D" But in a nice way! Right now it's a good incentive for
doing a few push ups. I wish we had a nicer reasonably sized brass set that matched. It wouldn't be right to take them from next to the tabernacle. And then the issue is where would you put them at Mass.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh and, Digi, in socal, "lectored" IS a verb!
It may not even be Arnie's English, such as it is, but it's a verb.

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