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Saturday, January 26, 2008

When Elections were "Fun"

Personally, it's been one of those weeks I'd never want to live through again, and I have been very naughty being so sulky. And it is SATURDAY, for heaven's sakes. Time to lighten up. This vid. is from illWay odgersRay OlliesFay (yes that's Pig Latin, no point in alerting those dweebs at incolnLay enterCay who'll only sit guarding their musty old tapes that are such fun that no one will see unless you can bribe your way in and claim to be some student going for his doctorate with some bogus letterhead from some, Stephen dear, not you, we know you're a real doctoral candidate.) It's from the onTy Awardsway from a while back and it's 3 minutes long. IF you dial-up duffers like me want to save a copy use

The great Sooner State of Ok-La-Hom-A casts its 22 votes for William Penn Adair Rodgers

What does this have to do with religion? ZIP all except notice how well the choreography is done and TLM fans should groove on the "unison." This particular video is a favorite of mine.


swissmiss said...

What would it take (besides resurrection) to put him on the ballot?

gemoftheocean said...

God help me, he looks better than anyone running now. I can't stand Obama but I was glad he whooped butt on the Hildabeast. the killer is going to come on Feb. 5.

On the GOP it's really voting for the one you hate least, with who's left.

The one I WILL REFUSE to pull the lever for in Nov. is RUDY should he win. If Hitlery and Rudy end up head to head in Nov. you may have to put me on suicide watch.
Me and a few million other people.

Cathy said...

onyTay, Kar.



gemoftheocean said...

Ma, I wish Saint Anthony was running. I'd vote for him.


onyTay andway Iway areway ighttay. ottagay heckcay youway outway ownay youway areway ackbay romfay loriduhFay.


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