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Sunday, December 2, 2007

100 Movies Meme

More fun with movies

Jean over at Catholic Fire, has tagged me with the 100 Films meme that's been making the rounds. Go to the AFI top 100 films list and pick:

1) Top 5 on the list you liked:

The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, It's a Wonderful Life, Patton, Sound of Music

(I can't stand it: my second 5 = All About Eve, Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy, My Fair Lady, American Graffiti)

2) Bottom 5 you didn't like:

Grapes of Wrath (Hank Fonda and the whole communist Joad Family can take a hike or a ride on top of his model T)
Rocky (too "something.")
Raging Bull (Go rage elsewhere)
Silence of the Lambs (it was well acted but Anthony Hopkins gave such a throughly convincing tour de force portrayal of this creepy[!] guy I never want those nightmares again.
M*A*S*H (saw it once, for whatever reason didn't like it)

3) 5 movies you haven't seen on list but want to:

A clockwork Orange (so sue me! I never got around to it), The Manchurian Candidate (ditto), Maltese Falcon(Ditto), Chinatown(Ditto), Taxi Driver (Just to see what all the hoopla was about)

4) 5 movies on the list you don't care to see:

Dances With Wolves, The Wild Bunch, Unforgiven, Pulp Fiction, Midnight Cowboy

5) 5 favs that aren't on the list:

Stalag 17, Holiday Inn, Easter Parade, Father Goose, The Trouble with Angels

(Can't stand it, next five = Meet Me in St. Louis, McClintock, To Catch a Thief, The Twelve Chairs, the Producers)

This meme concerned a list of American made movies only - but I'd like to add my favorite non American made Films:

Millions(UK), Hope and Glory(UK), Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (Russian), The Twelve Chairs (Russian), Gallipoli (Australian), Au Revoir Les Enfants (French), Diva (French), 400 Blows (French), Small Change (French), The Bicycle Thief (Italian)

Anyone who loves movies and wants to do the meme, consider yourself tagged. And if you haven't a blog of your own, but would like to add your favs/dislikes feel free to use my comments box. I'd love to hear what your favorites are. If you are not from the US and would prefer to discard the AFI angle, just list whatever you like and go for it.

I've written other movie threads with detailed comments.

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swissmiss said...

Five favs - Christmas Story, Uncle Buck, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, African Queen, and 10 Little Indians.

Some least favs - Just about any war movie (sorry, I can't stomach them!), any Charles Bronson or the like movie, anything with Steven Seagall...Yetch, poo, ick!

BTW: My hubby loves the Producers with Zero Mastel (sp?)

gemoftheocean said...

Mostel. And he's right!!!! In case of fire, throw in ANY copies of the new version. I'm with you on Bronson and Stevie.

Which version of 10 little indians do you like?


Anonymous said...

Casablanca, High Noon, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Manchurian Candidate, Gone With The Wind,
Lawrence of Arabia, West Side Story, Gandhi, The Godfather Epic, The Jazz Singer

Didn't Like:
Titanic, The Apartment, Bonnie and Clyde, Schindler’s List, The Graduate

Would Like to See:
Sophie’s Choice

Will Never See:
Raging Bull, Chinatown, Apocalypse Now, Annie Hall, The Deerhunter, Pulp Fiction

Should Have Been in Top 100:
A Man for All Seasons, The Song of Bernadette, Hawai’i, Giant, The Nun’s Story, The Thing, Serpico, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

gemoftheocean said...

Anon, what a neat and varied list. The one I really have to see is the Manchurian Candidate. I saw all the others of your favorites, and I could well see why someone would have them on his/her list - the Jazz Singer is a very interesting choice, some years back I saw that and was fascinating.

I know it's heresy amoung many film fans, but I've never been a big fan of Citizen Kane. Rather like the beginning and end scenes - it's known for technich all right, but it never seemed to have the real "heart" I like in a film.

In college I also saw quite a lot of the Russian classics. when I was studying European History at UCSD. One of the classes I took was on Modern Russian/Soviet History say from about 1860s or so to presnt (then late 1970s) - along with our 3 lectures we saw things like Battleship Potemkin - fascinating. The Prof. was also a film buff and we saw a "classic" or two every week (in addition to the regular lectures.)

Titanic was sappy, I found the Apartment kind of interesting though. I came to it late, in my forties sometime and it was one of those movies that when you examine it had a very good moral, when all was said and done.

Ah, and Sophie's Choice. I've wanted to see that too. It's the sort of film, I think you have to be in the right mood to see. I really enjoy Meryl Streep. I lik eyour should have been in the top 100. I can't "get" why some of the ones on there were on there -- too recent vitage to know if they will ahve staying power. For instance Tootsie was a fun movie, but top 100? Fergeddaboutit.

Thanks for dropping by. And anyone else wanting to add their likes dislikes, feel free to do so.

Jean Heimann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean Heimann said...

You certainly are a movie fan, Gem! I enjoyed reading your responses.

If it's any consolation, I didn't like Citizen Kane either. It seemed a little bizarre to me. I like films I can personally relate to in some way.

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