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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh Goody Goody Gumdrops!

The UPS man A*R*R*I*V*E*D. I've always meant to get Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows. It's a follow on movie to The Trouble with Angels. It's wonderful 60s kitch. I have TWA on DVD already, but this new one was something I only captured on VHS tape, and an incomplete mitt commercial interruptions copy at that. I've mentioned each of these movies before.

(Roz Russell takes no prisoners in this 30 second clip from TWA)

The TWA is almost a *must* for Catholic girls it holds up well with age. Also just arrived is a copy of same for one of our servers, Catherine. Her mom hasn't seen it either, and C has just had her 11th birthday earlier this week. Francis, our other server was delighted with his copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys, which I gave him for his 11th. He'd been scoping out the school library's copy. C & F were born 2 days apart, C being the "older woman."

I'm going to go with Archangel Advocate's suggestion for the original Angels in the Outfield for a Christmas present for Francis...and if Catherine likes this movie, I'll get her the sequel too.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this movie!!!!!! (who could not love a movie with a character named Marvel Ann!!!) But the scene with the motorcycle dudes...and what Sister says to them - that is a LIFE Lesson!

gemoftheocean said...

I love that scene too. For those not in the know..The bus has run out of gas and a few hoods stop by. The following conversation ensued:

Hood !: Wow man, it's a penguin
Hood 2: Is she for real, man?
Hood 1: So ask her.
Hood 2: Are you for real?
Sr. George: Yes, I'm for real
Hood 2: Aren't you hot in them real weird black threads?
Sr. George: No hotter than you in those weird black threads.
hood 2: [flips open knife] You got a big mouth, lady.
Sr. And you have a big knife, [hood closes knife] but that doesn't necessarily make you a big man.\
hood 2: [flicks knife, advances to Sr. St. George ]
hood 3: Cool it.
hood 2: What for man?
hood 3: Because I said so.\
hood 2: [holds knife point to Sr. George's throat, she doesn't flinch, he backs down and pockets knife.and walks away]
hood 3: [walking over to Sr. Geroge nicely] you shouldn't get him mad lady, he's a real bad boy.
Sr.: G: Bad boys don't frighten me, espcially when they have to carry knives to give them courage.. But you don't carry a knife.
hood 3: [testy] Now how would you know *that*, lady?
Sr. G: Because obviously you're the leader and a leader doesn't use guns or knives to give him authority., he uses his intelligence.
hood 3: [matter of fact] You know what? You're right. But now tell me something. You were real scared when you saw that knife coming at you.
Sr. G: Oh, you'd like for me to say that I was because if I was scared than what I am and what I believe in really isn't all that great, right?
hood 3: Okay, so you're smart ... but I still want to know. Were you scared?
Sr. G. Let's just say that I feared for my imortal life, but not for my imortal soul.
Hood: 3: [smile, bows head slightly and says] "crazy"
Sr. G. smiles back
[cut to knife hood two -- putting gas in bus!]
Rev.Mother": oh, sister George, give him some money for the gas. [indicating "leader"]
Sr. George: Oh, I'll offer it to him Rev. Mother, but I'll doubt if he'll take it
Rev Mother: Sr. George, I still don't understand how you got them to do this for us.
Sr. George: We communicated.

Here's a .

gemoftheocean said...

Here is a still photo of the scene.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and I learned a life lesson too. Don't pull a knife on a nun, you'll have to fill up her gas tank!

[no, seriously that scene impressed me very much when I was young.]

Anonymous said...

"Let's just say that I feared for my imortal life, but not for my imortal soul."

You said it Sister!

The Digital Hairshirt said...

As a girl, I was terror-struck by the scene where the bus gets stuck on the train tracks!

gemoftheocean said...

Digi - my friend Cathi and I saw it in a theatre when we were about 12. Cathi killed herself laughing at Sister's high top Ked. We knew they weren't going to kill off that cast that close to the beginning of the movie.

:-D I loved the bus washing scene, and of course, the after disco scene when mother and hip Father are both clutching their aching backs at the same time from having guarded their respective charges from visiting each other.


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