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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

That Dog Won't Hunt

Did some people ever make it out of the sixties? Drudgereport, called my attention to this item from Newsday, normally not something I'd go near with a 27 foot broken barge pole, but it's good for a laugh. Like today.

"Hillary should play her gender card to the hilt: Sen. Hillary Clinton has a trust problem. Polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show that voters give her very low marks for being trustworthy and honest. The media and her opponents have built and reinforced the charge.

But they're blaming the victim. Clinton is running for president in a sexist culture that persists in seeing strong, capable women as suspect.

It's not that voters and her opponents think Clinton's experienced and competent, and they don't like or trust her. It's that they think she's experienced and competent and that's why they don't like or trust her."

Oh please, Robin. I guess you are the only person on earth who doesn't remember:

* Hillary doing dirt in the White House Travel Office.
* Hillary and her minions hiring Craig Livingstone to rifle through over 1000 confidential FBI reports.
* Hillary hiding subpoenaed files.
* Hillary and Billy boy having hecklers arrested and thrown in jail at a "Taste of Chicago" event.
* Hillary and her ability to trade cattle futures and not have margin calls like other people.
* Hillary and her attempt at taking over the health care system in this country - trying to dictate the cost of goods and service, trying to dictate how many people could go in to which specialty, etc. ad infinitum.
* Hillary wanting to keep the Health Care Meetings secret, even though it was deemed she was NOT by any hallucination a "public employee."
* Hillary and her hubby shorting stocks which should have been put in a blind trust prior to his taking office.
* Hillary and Bill in the Castle Grande Deal -- sticking it to the "little people."
* Hillary and Bill sticking it to the "little people" in Whitewater.

* Hillary and Bill seem to know more than an average number of people who turn up dead who cross their paths. How many people did you know who died under mysterious circumstances? These people know knew dozens.

* Vince Foster, anyone? Anyone?

And this is just off the top of my head.

Nah, none of this matters in whack job Robin's world. Poor ickle Hillary, playing in a man's world. Boo freakin' hoo. She might have to answer some tough questions. Clue for you, Robin. I know people with donkeys tatooed on their backsides from birth. They HATE her too, and not because she's a woman - it's because she's a dishonest, corrupt, soul sucking, cattle rustling, thieving, conniving, backstabbing, piece of coprolite.

She could have an operation in Sweden tomorrow, and it ain't gonna change a thing.


Anonymous said...

If it were even possible to sink lower IMHO, it would be to play the "gender card." I would completely lose all respect for her. Oh wait, that already happened when we got the "2 for 1" deal during Bill's first term. There is a laundry list of reasons why folks don't like Hillary and her gender isn't even in the top 100.

Adrienne said...

Let's not forget drug running out of Mena, AK.

I can't stand those people!

gemoftheocean said...

I was in slightly ahead of you with the cookie baking thing. OR was that right about the same time. Those two would have never had me, but had I been a democrat that "smoked but didn't inhale" business would have been the end of it right there and forevermore. Top 100? Hell I'm not even warmed up yet about that grifter and her trailer trash appendage. If anyone has a "brass set" in the demo primary, it's her. She's about as helpless as Scarlett O'Hara when she faced the Union deserter. Beelzebubba isn't a barrel of laughs either.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, God, yeah, Mena, don't get me started on that and Inslaw and brother Roger. I wasn't even done with the witch with a capital B yet.


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