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Friday, November 30, 2007

New Blogger - Adrienne's Catholic Corner

Drop by and say "Howdy"

to Adrienne at her Catholic Corner. Her blog is delightful. She lives in Northern Idaho, and is involved with teaching RCIA and Confirmation Classes. I loved this post of hers regards the cat with persistence.


Adrienne said...

Wow - Thanks Gem. My posts have been slow lately. Getting my little lady Catholic revert friend situated in a new apartment. She really cannot live completely on her own and this is more of a retirement apartment where she will have more things to do.
I told a bit of her story in my post of Oct. 26 (Clay Pigeons).

You guys (now, doesn’t that sound like Minnesota speak??) need to tell me how you do that checking where we’re from thingy. Is it part of a counter?? I haven’t had a chance to install my counter. Wasn’t sure where to paste the code. Sigh – all things in good time.

P.S. I love all you posts!

Adrienne said...

Oooops! I love all YOUR posts.

Adrienne said...

...and - my niece lives in Ocean Beach and attends Sacred Heart. She has 4 boys and a new adopted girl named, ta da - Adrienne

Do you live anywhere near OB??

gemoftheocean said...

Adrienne - hiya. I live about 8 miles inland. I won't mention the name of my parish but astute readers can figure it out when I saw it's named after the patron saint of the US. I'm sorta flying under the radar with this blog - at least if anyone in my parish is reading it, other than the sainted Msgr. S. I'd be surprised. OB *used* to be where all the hippies used to live "back in the day." Now it's too expensive for all but aging hippies. I'd have to check but if memory serves, we're in the same deanery. Sign up for free at Tell it your blogspot address then it will generate some code for you. Put that code on your top page. Save it in a file somewhere. Then go to your dashboard and hit template. Then add page element, and past in the java/html code the statcounter people generated for you. Then when you log into statcounter you can click on the name of your project (let's assume you kept it simple and called it adrienne's catholic corner, then it will show you your weekly stats...BUT the coolest part is the little map link on the side of the page -- it will populate it with dots of where your readers are. That one feature alone got to me. You'll be surprised, just from keeping the log of the last 500 hits the countries that gradually pop up.

Your best bet is to do what you did with me - if you enjoy someone's post -- leave a comment, and eventually they notice you too and will sometimes add you to their blog role.

And I really liked that clay pidgeon post too. Your blog so far is relatively light since you started it, so I was able to read it all (not all the comments, but all the posts.)

Adrienne said...

My niece is a bit of an overgrown hippy. IMHO OB is a rat hole but I was very surprised with how nice Sacred Heart was. I flew out last year to be my great-nephews confirmation sponsor. Bishop Cordeleone presided and I was very impressed with him.

I have to be soooooo careful with anything that goes on my blog because I also use it for my kids from church. I do all my venting on other peoples comboxes:)

Thanks for the good info. I'm going to put it to good use. Still have about two more weeks of hysteria until my lady friend is moved into her retirement apt. After that I may regain some of my life.

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