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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Indoctrination by Obama Hack "Educators"

This was from a school in Sand Hill, North Carolina. Creepy. Frightening. Even if your kids aren't in public school, are they picking up vibes from their indoctrinated little friends?

Creep Zero also said he wanted US schoolkids to have a longer schoolday.

No Zero, they need more time with their parents, not the state nanny who will only have more time to indoctriate them. Leni would have been proud. Also don't miss Glenn Beck's take on similar indoctrination. And ditto Sean Hannity's interview with some parents whose children were subjected.

And please watch THIS VIDEO -- it shows ARAB children singing Obama "the Kenyan's" Praises because "He will bring down "the Great Satan" From Within."

And This Video, shot almost a year to the day ago, has frightening similarities to how the Hitler Yungen were trained to sing to Hitler as their Saviour.

If you have kids, are they being sucked into this? Are your neighbor's kids?

Let's pray we have a way to go before this happens:


Anonymous said...

Those films are "freaky."

gemoftheocean said...

The freakiest is the Arab one. Seriously, who paid all that money for a guy from out of "nowhere?" to run for president? Soros? Who paid for his college education? Did he get help as a "foreign citizen" when he applied to colege on some sort of grant? Isn't it curiouse that his first executive act was to seal all his records.

Not unlike Hitler covering up the inconvenient truth that his father was likely the bastard son of the Jewish Man his grandmother was employed by.

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