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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hangar Queen Breviary Sets

This morning after Mass the talk had turned to Missals and the merits and deficiencies of same. A certain party had not done the credo, and certain other parties mentioned that it was in our missals. [The first "Certain party" said someone had taken the ordo, so he was off the hook!]

Then the talk turned to breviaries, and I mentioned to the Amazing Fr. G. that the EF breviaries must cost the earth. He allowed as same and said, "...and it's really hard to find complete used sets on E-bay [for the EF form], because in the past the custom was for priests have one book of their breviary set buried with them." Then he related how you'll find listings like "3 of 4 vols. available, vol # missing."

We were all surprised and delighted to hear of this custom.

Then I said: The priests should have used "hanger queen sets" for that, rather than wreck a set.

Fr. G. was bemused and said "hanger queens?"

I had to explain the term. He understood when I mentioned canabalizing VIC-20s for their parts. But I suppose that would have defeated the intent! Apparently his order, the FFSP, still does this. But in case you've been looking for used sets and are frustrated about missing volumes - now you know!


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I doubt that the same volume was missing from each set so if someone would "cannibalize" 1 set to complete 3 other sets...

gemoftheocean said...

Wouldn't it be really sick if they all chose the same volume!

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