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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keep your K-6 kids at home Sept 8

...the Obamination is planning to address all young school kids in a nation wide address to their classrooms. UNPRESCEDENTED. What's next, the little red kerchiefs? Does he want them marching off to the potato fields with their little shovels all ready to put in a subbotnik? Keep this socialist away from your young impressionable kid's minds.
If Bush had pulled this the libs would have been wetting their underpants.


Packrat said...

My suggestion is for all parents to stay home with their children and watch the speech together. That way the parents get first chance of explaining what "0" says. If the parents and children don't listen to the speech, when the children go back to school they will get the teacher's version.

Best yet? Home school.

gemoftheocean said...

I wouldn't even let kids watch WITH the parent. He'll probably promise them infinite candy, or in his case protein bars, which, come to think of it may cause himself to shoot himself in the foot.

This is plain CREEPY, every socialist and communist jerk has always tried to control the minds of the young.

I wonder, seriously, if there are any school boards which are flat out going to refuse to have their children subjected to "dear leader."

Who in the **** (a word that rhymes with duck) does he think he is? And now I see up on drudge the report that this sOB want to address congress Sept 9? Is he planning to have a Reichstag fire on labor day, then fill the children's minds with crap, then have them go crying to congress that they need health care? WTF?

Forget the Alamo already, and remember the Ceaucescus.

swissmiss said...

Yup. Homeschool. Glad I had a running start.

If he's brazen enough to pull this, then I really wonder what's going on behind the scenes as far as school curriculum (indoctrination). Not to be a conspiracy freak, but this is, like you say, creepy.

Is the sort of thing in the Ayers playbook?

gemoftheocean said...

I don't know about the Ayer's playbook, but it was in the Hitler, Lenin, and Castro playbooks.

Parents need to wake the hell up.

I can remember as a nine year old reading Maria Von Trapp's book. And in it she described how after the Anschluss her children came home from school and related the horror stories. The children weren't supposed to say "Gruss Gott" when greeting but "Heil, Hitler." This or that teacher was suddenly "gone." Also the youngest came home and said that:

1) the teacher said that our parents were nice older folks but out of touch

2) Jesus was just a naughty Jewish boy who ran away from home

The teacher also informed Maria that her little one, when asked to use the new greeting said that she wouldn't because "Father said he'd put ground glass in his tea first." The teacher gave her a friendly warning. Maria told her youngster not to say what goes on at home because Mother, father and her brothers and sisters would be put in a concentration camp. Then when the teacher asked her something else she said "I can't say because mother said we'll be put in a concentration camp."

Zero failed in the what's he going to do, get the urchins to inform on their parents if the parents don't buy into zero's deathcare?

Therese said...

I totally agree with you Karen. If our Prime Minister wanted to talk to my children, I would be totally creeped out.

It is yet another good reason to home school.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

If i have to teach that day, that tv won't be going on, we'll be working hard.

.The Cellarer said...

Hmm. As what happens 'over there' usually ends up 'over here', I'm a little worried. I would not care what political hue the PM was, were it to happen here, letting them pitch to school children is really not on.

gemoftheocean said...

Cellarer: Creepier still is the liberal medias insistence that "it's nothing."

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