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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Very short ROAD TRIP!!!

I was going out for my swim tonight, and reflected how very close the Kroc Center sits to the La Mesa City line. And what, praytell, is in La Mesa? IDRIS GINGER BEER!!!!

Shoot!!! SCORE!!!!! Why this stuff hasn't made it over here bigtime I dunno. There's an opportunity for someone. Catch a clue, entrepreneurs. It took a while for the Salt and Vinegar Chips to make it, but they did over 20 years ago.

There is some swill from Jamaica[?] that claims to be ginger beer at the Windmill Farms stores, but that brand is just WRONG!!! It can't hold a candle to the real deal.

I also scored some of "The Dentist's Vacation Maker." Also known as Walker's Nonsuch Hazelnut Toffee. Freeze that stuff. Then break the sucker when it's still in the pack. They have a fansy schmansy little hammer for it, but the side of the fridge works just fine too. THEN take a small piece and suck on it a good MINUTE before you even attempt to chew or bite into it. I warned you.


Anonymous said...

I lost a tooth trying to bite off a chunk of that toffee once! What a great idea to freeze it first. Why i never thought of that i don't know.

gemoftheocean said...

It's best frozen, then broken, then wait a bit until it's soft enough to chew and you can suck on it first.

[BTW, I "rest my case" re: "The dentist's vacation maker."

"Honey, remember us putting off that trip to Tahiti? It's ON again!!!"

BTW, I think the Idris makes a PERFECT mixer for a highball. I like mine with one of the "J boys."

Don't tell me they don't own shares. Given the recipe goes back to Henry VIII, it's more than good speculation if this was one of the first "vertical markets."

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