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Monday, July 13, 2009

0ero set to throw out first pitch of All Star game Zero goes to the mound with Michelle and suddenly throws HER towards the catcher. After the dust settles, when asked why he threw Michelle instead of the ball, he says "OH, you wanted the first PITCH."

With any luck a few of the former living presidents will throw HIM off the loge section before he gets to the broadcast booth for an interview. I suggest anyone watching the game CHANGE THE CHANNEL when 0ero's mug comes on for an interview. It's not like the Kenyan knows zip about the game anyway. This guy is not a team sports player. Much less baseball. Wouldn't know a Texas leaguer from a silver sombrero.

Any bets on how booed Zero gets? Any bets on how the lamestream press will try and cover this up?

Update: According to post (74) at freerepublic:

"I’m watching - saw the presidential moments. They must have blocked out the audience noise.
Husband is driving listening on the radio.
He called laughing and said:

Obama spoke, silence.

GWB spoke, wild cheering and applause.

Clinton spoke, silence.

GHWB spoke, more wild cheering and applause.

Carter spoke... BOOING!

Gotta love it! And TV blocked it but ESPN radio did not!I’m watching - saw the presidential moments. !"

Post 93 said there was booing for 0ero and others have complained that the camera angle didn't even show the catch -- which would seem to indicate that the throw was probably horrible. Well, what do you expact from a Mobassa boy? Not like he's "one of us" is it?

Also, numerous commentators are bitching that this guy allegedly threw the pitch, and it was NOT show as they would for anyone else. i.e. the camera on him throwing the ball, but NOT a wide shot, with him and the catcher and where it went over the plate, or if it bounced 30 feet in front of the plate (for all we know) as if a 4 year old little girl had thrown it.

Can't WAIT for some YOUTUBE video to be up, because apparently that's the only way whether or not we'll see if Bambi "threw like a weak sister."

(Ha-ha, I've thrown plenty of pitches, and so have most Americans, who will tell you that that left hand cocked back like that is EXACLTY a "little girlie throw."


Packrat said...

It's really hard to tell what the crowd will do. Those who really *dislike* him (I had other words in here, but thought I'd keep it clean) will have a really tough time choosing between attending the game or staying home because of him. There will be those that go just to see him.

I won't be watching, because we disconnected the TV about 3 years ago. I don't miss it at all.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, but something like this is going to be skewed to the people with more $$$. Entrepreneur types. i.e. NOT happy with the way things are bouncing. Tickets would have been bought well in advance. So anyone "wanting to go just to see him" is pretty much S.O.L. [kept that one clean! ;-D ]

Sure, he'll have cheers, but I bet the boos will outweigh them, and I equally bet that the lamestream will outright lie about that. Like they tried to lie that zero didn't bow to the Saudi like the good little Mooslim boy that he is.

Packrat said...

You're right, of course. So sad what at least half of this country has been led or chooses to believe. Guess the media owners want to keep their "bread buttered". The ones that do the actual reporting probably just want to keep their jobs. But, doesn't anyone have any principles any more???

gemoftheocean said...

Packrat, re: your ? on principles: I've reached the conclusion that far too many people have no concept of principles. Oh, in THEORY people have them -- but in practise? No.

Nada. Zilch. Zero. Bupkis.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I hope he gets booed, I'll be watching as i'm a huge baseball fan

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