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Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Sacrareum

Yea! About a month or two ago we'd been undergoing some smartening up of the sacristy. [About 15 years ago we had extensive work done in the church to retrofit to make it more earthquake proof. Back then we'd had the sacrareum replaced, it was old, and not functioning right. But it wasn't a proper sacrareum that was put in.] The last piece was put in place about two weeks ago. A REAL Sacrareum. Now the vessels can be cleaned out properly and this Sacrareum's left side goes onto the ground. A pit was dug for it outside, lined with rocks over the ground. A lot of needed new cabinetry was also put in. I must say the last two pastors have greatly made up for taking care of the physical plant. This previous pastor doing the retrofit of the church (badly needed) and this one taking care of the rectory (also badly needed!) and the remaining bits that weren't able to be gotten to before. Because prior to these last two pastors, zip-all had been done for 17 years.

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