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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Old Dad, Happy Father's Day

Here's one for dear old dad. Didn't always appreciate him when I was younger, and he was far from perfect, but he had many good points. Basic respect for the working man, a hard worker, good provider, honest in business dealings, a fine patriot, and a sharp wit. Deceased since 2001, but remembered this day.

It's the classic "letterman Jacket" picture. Dad, skinny as he was then, played on the football team. Frackville, Pa., being a small town, even had some skinny guys like dad on the team. I asked him if he was a "tough guy" on the field. He said "I broke a kid's leg once." I asked "On purpose?" And he thought a bit and said "Well, let's just say 'accidentally on purpose.'" I laughed and mom just said "Oh, EDDDD." And then she had to laugh too.

This picture was taken in about 1948, give or take a year. Dad was about 16 here.

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