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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Close encounter with an Actual AlGore Loving Kool-Aide drinker

I'd done with a mile swim at the Kroc Center yesterday, and rewarded myself with some QT afterwards in the therapy pool. I was first one in, and was joined shortly thereafter by a "hippy aged" member.

AGLKAD: I just saw the most frightening bumper sticker I've ever seen!
Gem: What?
AGLKAD: It said: "Stop global whining! " Such ignorance!
Gem: [guffaw]
AGLKAD: I think it is people's behavior that's causing the high temps.
Gem: I love it! I wonder where I can get one?

At this point, the young blue eyed blond life guard, sitting within earshot, about peed herself choking back laughter. The conversation continued...

Gem: Coldest record June temps!
YBEBLG: You bet, it's been freezing out here.
AGLKAD: [silent, like Marcel Marceau]
Gem: Matter of fact, I celebrated Earth Day by renting a humvee and driving all over town, left the lights on, and told people they shouldn't be out shopping, but home, making more babies!
YBEBLG: [not being able to stiffle a laugh burst out laughing]
AGLKAD: [opens pie hole, then thinking better of it, shuts it.]

Fortunately, at that point another woman came on in, and the conversation quickly turned to books. NOT "Earth in the Lurch" or whatever the hell it was called.


Rob said...

What a wonderful exchange!

Adrienne said...

Ah - to be a fly on the wall. Wait - no - Obama will squish me. Oh yeah - he's doing that anyway!

gemoftheocean said...

I know, and I even forgot to quiz her if the dinosaurs were driving SUVs around billions of years ago when we were undergoing warming/cooling cycles. It was like I had "tazed" her. Just pretty much laughed that she saw thought it was a "frightening" [direct quote!] bumper stickers.

Kelly said...

That is sooo funny. Thanks for posting it!

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