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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Damn, DAmn, DAMn, DAMN

"They" change the clocks back to standard time this weekend. I Hate, HAte, HATe, HATE it!! Did I say I hate it?

What does Rex Harrison say about it?*

That's what I thought.

A friend is making it up to me. Treating me to the the-a-tah tonight. We're going to see HUMBLE BOY in Carlsbad at the New Village Arts Theatre. It's like in ARTHUR where Dudley Moore throws a fit in the office: "Arthur, behave yourself, later on we'll go get ice-cream."

* (2 bars or less - fair use!)


swissmiss said...

Have a good time at the theatre! My husband and I used to go when we lived in Seattle (before kids). I'm not able to quote lines, like you, however! In fact, I can barely remember what shows I saw :)

I hate that they mess with the clocks too, but at least this year it happened a week later and it was still light out when we started trick-or-treating on Halloween. That was very nice!

Anonymous said...

Karen, what are you on about now? lol

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

On Sunday 28 October, "they" did the same thing with the clocks here in England.

2 a.m. British Summer Time became 1.a.m. Greenwich Mean Time.

On Monday, I forgot all about it
and was one hour early for everything.

When I realised, I said "Oh, bother."
(Or words to that effect).

Peter from England

gemoftheocean said...

Well, that particular line is Rex Harrison's toward the beginning of I've Grown Accustomed to her face from My Fair Lady. I was fiddling with that posting last night, then it was time to go and haven't got the sound effects in meant for it (yet!)

I just wish they'd leave us with Summer Time all year around. I always go psycho when it's dark out earlier in the evening. And's easier to take young children out for Halloween before it gets too dark. More monsters come out the darker it gets. I thought everybody knew that.

Peter- funny you should say that about being an hour early. Many years ago, there were some nuns who showed up for mass at an odd time (this was when our masses didn't always start on the hour. So an usher told them "well, they changed the clocks" so the nuns said "fine, we'll go have coffee somewhere and come back for the next one." They changed their hour the wrong way....... then they were TWO hours off.... Another year a certain priest forgot to change his clocks and a certain other priest had to cover for him and certain priest a was a stipend short that week but priest B who covered fortunately had a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

The play was interesting. Played in London to rave reviews, then later in Manhattan. Lot of Hamlet allusions. Contemporary though.
It was done by a fairly new theatre oompany that seems interested in pulling out more than just the standard war horses. Had really good fish and chips nearby before the show too and some Harp on tap, as I wasn't driving.

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