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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween coal

My local Albertson's gets a lump of coal for their Halloween pumpkins. If they are going to mess up the holiday stuff displayed in their "seasonal" aisle, by putting out Christmas items too early, then I guess I can give them a virtual lump of Halloween coal. They've entirely skipped Thanksgiving. And I'm of the firm mind you should wait until ONE holiday is over before you start putting out the seasonal items for the next.

Note the Santa Claus hats on the bears AND the left over Halloween costumes. So help me. Can you smack the display person without it being a sin? Photo taken Oct 31. "They" did it again!


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

You can smack the dispaly person if you do it in a spirit of charitcble correction....

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I went into W.H. Smith, ( a chain of stationers shops over here in England) on 29 October to buy some new pens.

An assistant told me that all the pens, pencils, etc., had moved THE PREVIOUS WEEK ! to another part of the shop to make room for Christmas cards.

And there they were : shelves and shelves of them, (and not one with a picture of Christ on it).

You can't say the UK is far behind the USA.

As Irving Berlin once wote, Happy Holiday.

Anonymous said...

Soon, it will be up year round.

gemoftheocean said...

AA - well, as long as I don't do more than a half-hour in purgatory over it.

Dr. Peter - Irving Berlin was Jewish, so I'll give him a "gimmee" on that one.

I would be a little bit lax on the Christmas wrapping and cards, but I wouldn't want to see that up for another 10 days. The only reason I'm being easy on that is because people who have relatives serving overseas in the armed forces do often need to get their packages sent early so their relative gets them in plenty of time. But Christmas stuff so early just ruins it.

Tara-- when I lived in New Hampshire there were some neighbors who two years running took almost until Easter to get the Christmas lights off their garage. :-D

swissmiss said...

Oddly enough, I wish we had an Albertson's here. When I lived in Seattle, you had your choice of a bunch of grocery stores, two big warehouse-like stores and the middle of the road ones like Albertson's and Safeway and then some upscale ones. In MN we have the warehouse stores that I detest and the upscale, but no Albertson's or Safeways. But, if they're going to do silly things like this, maybe I shouldn't complain!! My neighbor in Seattle used to be the produce manager at the nearby Albertsons. He was the biggest pain in the hiney and turned me off to the store for years! Must be a theme with the chain.

Do they still post the pictures of the department managers throughout the store?

Our next-door neighbor in Seattle used to keep her Christmas lights up year-round AND turn them on every night!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

You're right, of course, but, mark my words, Christmas cards in October are just the thin end of the wedge.
Next week, the other shops will be crammed with Christmas goodies, festive lights, etc.
No, it's a clear run now for the retailers up to Christmas and New Year. (There is no Thanksgiving holiday in England).
I think I'll go and watch Holiday Inn (1942)..

Peter from England

gemoftheocean said...

Peter I LOVE Holiday Inn, it's one of my favorite musicals. Good all year round... but especially starting AFTER thanksgiving! (Which comes early on Nov 22 (I think) this year. As early as it gets.) Whatever day that Thursday is. Thursday is a curious day for a holiday, but that's what makes it better, because usually you get the Friday off for a nice 4 day weekend. You don't have to do zip for that one except cook a turkey dinner, eat till you can't move, and watch football. The perfect holiday.

Swiss: I Hate our albertson's too. No manager's faces plastered all over, but ever since the strike two years ago they have tried to nickle and dime crap where there's a little less selection than there used to be. I mean, come on...I went in for some TSP cleaner the other day - how simple is that? NOOOOOO.... I mean it's not like we're living in Soviet Russia, but geez, I'm used to 8 or 9 brand names products for jobs, not 3 or 4 at best. What is this? The damn box stores have got things so that you're either buying the cheapest piece of crap meant for "the masses" or you don't get the summb*t**. I don't want gourmet doo-dads - I just want a choice of some house brand and brand name stuff. Von's is around, but they're always a little more expensive than they have to be. I want my supermarkets back without dumping from cheap*$$ chinese labor crud. Is that asking too much?

[/rant over]


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