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Saturday, September 8, 2007

So help, me, Buddah!

I thought I was hallu-
cinating for a second or two
Unfortunately, I wasn't. I stopped by Long's Drugstore today, and THEY ALREADY had their Halloween crud up. Geez, why do they have to RUIN stuff by putting it out so damned early? It's a minor event, it totally spoils the fun if you're looking at this stuff for almost two months.

No, I have no objections to kids having a little party and a round of trick-or-treat. To everything - there is a season. This ain't it for Halloween. What I really resent is having to put up a fight against candy corn this soon. Why are "they" persecuting me?!



swissmiss said...

We stopped at the mall the other night and in one of the stores they had flip-flops on sale on a rack next to, believe it or not, mittens and scarves!!! UGH!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. In CA you probably don't "fear" winter like those of us on the tundra. I have cousins who live in the mountains by San Bernardino and they whine about the fog...we had that in Seattle all the time, but it ain't three feet of snow!

gemoftheocean said...

I count my blessing on that one. I appreciated snow as a youth - but I also appreciate not having to drive in it in winter as an adult.

I think growing up I learned some really colorful turns of phrase from my dad regards the Bleeping snowplough, which always managed to come through our neighborhood just after he had shoveled out the sumb*tchdriveway -- he'd go in to change and bammo ... had to re-shovel out, then drive the 40 miles in to Boston from Nashua. We also got a lot of snow in Pa, and also in western Virginia in Roanoke. I have a winter coat. Somewhere. Don't currently own any mittens - but I do have a pair of LL Bean low weather proof shoes. Somewhere.

I DO have to say, however, that some of the best days as a kid were waking up to see it had snowed like crazy and with more on the way - turn that radio on around 6:30 and just PRAY that your school was going to have a day off from too much snow. Once in Nashua they had a "no school day" because it was too COLD. Below zero F. What did we do? Played outside. IIRC we went ice-skating on a neighbor's corner lot, which he always flooded over in winter for the kids to skate on.

The first Christmas after my mom died I went back east to visit relatives. I have to say I got cabin fever.

a thorn in the pew said...

I sniffed some mellowcream pumpkins the kids had the other day and I gagged...blech. I can ususally eat maybe

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