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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Don't miss the "Werewolves post" from On the Side of Angels. This sounds like one of the best party games ever. One Moderator, two werewolves, a seer, and a bunch of villagers, werewolves ripping people to bits at night, and village mobs lynching people by day. What's not to like?!

All this calls for a little Werewolves music by Mr. Zevon. Of course, I would be really good at this game - I mean, it's obvious, isn't it? Look for the werewolves to have "perfect" hair. Especially if they are from London. So help me, once my mother insisted we get on the "wrong bus" in London - and we passed right by "Lee Ho Fuk's" - I thought my mother was a genius - how did she know that was one of my favorite songs that year?

(Lon Chaney, Jr. walking with the Queen)

No, this post doesn't have a blessed thing to do with Catholicism, other than be prepared to meet death at any time, by any means.


Anonymous said...

Very funny!

gemoftheocean said...

I just hope YOUR kids don't play this, because on top of sounding like an excellent party game, I can see where life-long grudges can develop!

Alex: And THEN there was the time you thought I was a werewolf and had me lynched when it was Jacinta all along!

Andrew: How did I know Jacinta could lie like that?

[I would love to be the fly on the wall if the royal family ever played it.

Charles the first to be bumped off - not by the wolves, just by the rest of the family in the daytime.

The queen. As seeker, everyone fearing wrath even though they have it figured out she is the seeker, but everyone is afraid to "vote her off the island" or if a werewolf, to get her in the night, for fear of forever being given "50 pounds, in dimes" in her will as the sole legacy.

Philip and Anne as the werewolves.

We used to play a game at high school parties. Murder at midnight or some such thing. You sat around the dining room table. Say 8 people, 8 cards, one of which was the ace of spades -- cards dealt out, whomever had the ace was "it."
You were supposed to turn down all the lights, and carry on conversation as "normal" "It" meanwhile, was to be "killer" by trying to wink at the others one-by-one to "kill" them off one at a time. If you were winked at you had to wait a few seconds, then suddenly slump over "dead" and you couldn't say anything more. If you thought you know who it was you could accuse some one, but if you got it wrong you were also dead.

But werewolves sounds like a much better, if longer game.

Jean Heimann said...

LOL! I'm adding you to my blogroll - you're hilarious!

swissmiss said...

Lon, Queenie and Richard Pryor!

I hadn't really read this before since your reference to Warren Zevon reminds me, and probably a good number of Minnesotans, of Jesse Ventura. He had Warren play this song at his inaugural and it's all the news channels covered. Jesse howling on stage with his feather boa. Ah, my eyes! My ears!!! It must be on YouTube somewhere if you want to share our pain :)

gemoftheocean said...

Ha-ha---Richard Pryor =-- so that's who else is in the photo. I was so excited to actual take a picture of the queen by myself, that I hadn't even realized our governor was walking right next to her until I got the photos developed. I expect the black fellow might be a secret service agent, given the small pin he has on his jacket. Anyway, hope you all visited OTSOA website for the original post - it really looks like a great party game.

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