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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to the Future!

Good news on the artsy- fartsy window front.
This past Sunday I attended Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Sacramento. Overall the church is very attractive. I did note a few windows "I could have done without" - the "modern" vineleaves-and-
cutesayings kind. Not abstract enough to make you vomit or anything, and "okay" in their place - like somewhere besides a church - but not something the average Catholic would really look at and say "that window is really inspirational" or "wow."

(artsy-fartsy window begging to be replaced)

A LOT of their windows were really wonderful though, like the ones on the lower eye level in the nave of the church, and the excellent ones behind the altar and in the transcept aisles. I grabbed a bulletin after Mass, and noted the following item:

"As promised when the Cathedral reopened in 2005, the Diocese of Sacramento has purchased a set of antique windows to replace the modern windows in the clerestory of the Cathedral. The first of those windows will be installed in the Cathedral next week, in time for the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy being celebrated on September 29.

In all, 10 antique windows have been purchased by the diocese—fabricated in the 19th century in the same style and brilliant colors as those in the east end of the Cathedral—portraying the joyful and glorious mysteries of the Rosary.

The diocese bought them from a church in Chilton, Wisconsin, that is being closed because the parish is amalgamating with a neighboring parish. The first window to be installed next week illustrates the first joyful mystery, the Annunciation, and is being sponsored by the Mercy Foundation to honor the 150 years of service by the Sisters of Mercy in the Diocese of Sacramento.

Sponsors are also being solicited for the remaining windows. A window can be sponsored for $150,000, and the sponsor’s name is enshrined at the bottom of the window, in the same style as those in the east end. The sponsors of the east end windows include such historic names as Margaret Crocker, Birdie Fair, and Tessie Fair."

(This video is a little less than a minute)

The sad note is, of course, that it looks like other church parishes were being consolidated in Wisconsin.


Phil said...

It looks to be a lovely church.

gemoftheocean said...

It has a lot of eye-candy. The only thing I didn't like was the stupid organ played THROUGH the offertory, and I hate that. If you want a hymn, fine...just have everyone chill while the collection is taken up, and then get to it. But there are ENTIRE congregations who don't have a freakin' clue what is said then - because those are the kind of parish who try and dispense with missalettes, as a rule of thumb.

And as a rule I tend NOT to trust those parishes, figuring that THEY are figuring if the people "don't know what's supposed to be going on" then they can slip in liturgical dance or any damn thing. I keep an eagle eye on those things. To me it's like waving the yellow caution flag at the least.

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