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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Inertia Wins

from my junior high days

I learned that inertia is "the tendency of an object to stay in motion if in motion, or of an object to remain at rest if at rest."

Do I get up off this barcalounger and go out to Barrett Lake and have their fish fry? (45 minutes away, close to the border - the last two or three miles going down a mountain into the valley, and it might rain) OR crack open Ballykissangel, Season Six, which I have in my hot medium sized hands? I was at rest. Inertia won. [Big surprise.] Like I can resist watching an episode of Kathleen learning how to drive. It's all old hat to many of you, but I came to the series late, and this is the first time series six is available to me.

Personally, when "push comes to shove" I always thought Fr. Mac was the best priest of the lot. Warts and all.


Anonymous said...

You're so entertaining Karen!

gemoftheocean said...

did you watch the series? I really love it, and have introduced it to a few friends of mine and have got them hooked too. Overall it was well written. There were a few story lines in 4 & 6 that I could have done without and a few more I would have liked they developed. Brian Quigley's death in real life didn't help six out, as I expect they had to do a lot of hasty re-writes. But overall it was well planned and executed - I liked how even the minor characters were well thought out and have depth to them.

Phil said...

Hi Karen

Please visit

It's self-explanatory

swissmiss said...

I love Jeopardy, but totally stink at the Film and Television categories. Just another example of a show I have NEVER watched. I must've been watching Falcon Crest or something instead this.

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