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Monday, September 10, 2007

The long way home

On the 3rd, Labor Day in the US, I drove the 500+ miles back home. I took it easy and stopped at every wide space in the road. I stopped at the newish San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery. It's outside of the small town of Santa Nella, Ca. This veteran's cemetery was only dedicated in the early 1990s but already has quite a number of veterans buried there.

There is a small memorial dedicated to Veterans of the Korean War which contains the names of all those Californians who were killed in battle, MIA, or died in captivity.

The inscription reads:

The Remembrance Memorial for California Korean War Veterans
To the 2,495 men from California who during the Korean War, 25 June 1950, to 27 July 1953, gave their last full measure of valor to their country. On this wall are men killed in action, missing in action, or who died prisoners of war. May this memorial stand as a lasting tribute to their heroism and devotion.

1 comment:

Phil said...

The cruel price of freedom! God bless each and everyone of them!

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