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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jesus said I could have TWO...

Some years back when my friend Chris-
tine and I started coming to Sacramento for shows, we had come across Leatherby's Ice Cream Parlour. Believe me, when it can get up to 100+ degrees the thought "Ice cream would really hit the spot now" tends to cross one's mind.

So...we looked in the phone book and "Voila." It's now a "tradition" to stop by - a lot of times more than once. The first time we were there we sat almost right under this crucifix...I hadn't noticed, and my back was actually to it. I had one ice cream, and was REALLY hungry for another one. So I was musing out loud, and Christine said "Go ahead, Jesus would want you to have another one!" I said "huh?" And she pointed above the office door. :-D

This sort of thing, i.e. a crucifix in a public place used to be not uncommon for small restaurants and other little businesses. It's nice to come across it when it still happens. Anyway, Leatherby's is THE place in Sacramento for ice-cream. I'm taking a guess here in thinking the owners are Catholic. Call it a hunch.

I HIGHLY recommend the caramel sundae. You can get it with one, two or three scoops. This one has two. They make their own ice cream, and their own caramel and hot fudge sauces. The caramel has a great taste and consistency. It's not unlike the butterscotch kisses from See's Candy, but gooier - as befits a sauce.

And here's a 20 second video clip of Leatherby's. It was packed. Oh. And Jesus informs me if it's Lent, just have a flavor or a topping you don't like. Offer it up.


Stephen said...

Re: Lent - what if there *isn't* a flavour you don't like?

gemoftheocean said...

That could be a problem!! Pour tabasco sauce over it, I suppose.

swissmiss said...

Gem: For me, carmel would be the flavor during Lent. Don't like it on ice cream. However, there are plenty of military folks (and probably some others without a good excuse) who would gladly put tabasco on their ice cream.

gemoftheocean said...

Swissmiss: Honestly, I think I'm going to make an ice cream flavored with Corona Beer. Then for the sauce I'm going to make a salsa with jalapenos and tabasco. For my Chinese friends, it will be green tea ice cream, and the topping will have Chinese mustard and those long peppers I pick out of my Kung Pao Chicken. I don't know of any Chinese beers to recommend, but I expect a Sapporo chaser would be welcome.

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