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Monday, September 10, 2007

I didn't really

see this sign

But I wish I had.


Anonymous said...

Trying to make this trip go with a bang I see ;)

gemoftheocean said...

Well, it would have made it exciting. The roughly 200 hundred miles on interstate 5 between Santa Nella and Mettler is about the most 200 boring miles you'd ever want to drive. At least, from the highway it sure is. I passed a prison, a HUGE cattle/dairy compound (you smell them a long time before you see them) fields of God-knew-what-was-growing - an overnight stopoever place or two - it could have used some 'citement.

Gilroy, garlic capital of planet earth, was off a ways, but I didn't want to do the detour!

swissmiss said...

Driving across either of the Dakotas is just as much fun and a little less hilly.

EC Gefroh said...


On our way to a family reunion in Monterey, we stopped over night in Gilroy. I love garlic. I wished we had had time to taste the garlic ice cream ;-)
There is nothing more boring than driving from Colorado through Nebraska. All you see is corn.

gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, you can sure get "nowhere" in a hurry!

Re:the Dakotas. I want to go. ONCE. ;-D Just to say I've been there. A teen from our parish got waylayed there once on a trip to Nebraska (I forget why their plane had to land in Fargo, but it did.) I told her:
"Look on the positive side: #1 you can say you've been there #2 you'll never have to go there again and #3 now you know why it's always best to take a carry on with a change of shirt and a change of undies... toldja."
Re: Gilroy - I was mighty tempted, but realized because of my early dawdle, if I didn't make tracks, I would miss out on fudge at Murray Farms on the way back. As it was I literally caught them two minutes before closing!
When I was in college, we drove through Colorado, and then through Kansas. yup. There is NO reason for Kansas, in particular, to be that big with no fricken topography changes to speak of. What was God thinking?

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