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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Splendid Time was Had by All

I don't usually have much of a social calendar on Friday nights.

But I did tonight. Our parish choir held a "Hurray for Hollywood" dinner tonight. (They had two performances/dinners last week.) Some mingle-mingle- marguerita-marguerita followed by dinner and then the show, which kicked off with "Hurray for Hollywood" and ended with "Thanks for the Memories." The "crew" even managed to get dessert on the table at the top of act two during the opening act number "Be our Guest."

Quite fun to just to get together for a social, when you don't have to "do" anything. (Unless you were part of the choir or kitchen crew - then you worked your tail off!)


Phil said...

I take it that the picture shows your arrival at the function!

gemoftheocean said...

No, that was the pastor's entrance. I used the helopad.

That's why all the searchlights were on. I was surprised we got the whole 9 yards. They had laid on this extra performance, and initially they were just going to do drinks/hor d'oerves. [boy is that spelling wrong but I am too lazy to look up the Frnch) and the show. They laid on the meal too.

Phil said...

I think it was the glitzy picture that made me laugh - the thought of the faithfull rolling up in their stretch limos with press cameras flashing - rather like the opening shots of the 'Oscars'.

"And now, from San Diego, California - it's Friday Night Live from the church of Ss Tallulah Bankhead and Bl Carmen Miranda...with your host: here-re-re-s-s, Karen!"

Phil said...

BTW You're word verification has just had me type the most obscene sounding word! LOL

gemoftheocean said...

Well, there IS a St. Rita Moreno's nearby. ;-D

They did kind of hoke it up by having "arrivals" of the choir members - the red carpet deal, as they made their entrance. The pastor played interviewer: And who are you wearing tonight? Cantor: Salvation Army, the earrings by JC Penny's.

They had "Awards" at the intermission.

Have to laugh at the word verification thing - I've noticed "unholy" combinations a few times myself. Well...close enough for anyone older than Jr. High age to giggle at.

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