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Friday, June 6, 2008

1st Things Meme

Esther tagged me on this one. I'm going to cheat a little and count "today" as Thursday rather than Friday (which it technically is in my time zone) --- because if I took it literally, I didn't get zip done in the 8 minutes or so it's been Friday here ... as I still haven't gone to bed yet, but was just about to turn in.

Just write down what you did first today…

* The first thing I thought today: “God, is it 4:10 already?” [I drove a friend to the airport this morning and we left at 4:45 ... at least the actual drive was only about 10 minutes, because she lives pretty close to the airport. It wasn't quite daylight in the swamp when we left, but it was by the time I stopped for "breakfast."]
* The first thing I ate today: Three doughnuts. The shop was on the way back from the airport, and since I was up so early and "virtuous" I was entitled. For the record: one glazed, one custard filled topped with chocolate icing, and a strawberry cruller. PLUS Anything eaten before 6 a.m. has NO calories. See my last year's calorie helper post for more diet tips.
* The first thing I drank today: Hanson's diet ginger ale. As God is my witness it is almost a dead ringer for Idris Ginger Beer.
* The first thing I said today: "Oh #$%!"
* The first action I did today: Ignored the time for 10 minutes before I rolled out of bed to put my contacts in.
* The first thing I read today: A little of Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Certification Guide...just as I crawled back into bed about 5:30 and went back to sleep.
* The first item of clothing: Shorts (undies were already on)
* The first person I spoke to today: My friend Mary "why the hell is your flight so early?" Actually, I don't remember the first thing I said. It was probably a grunt. [;-P]
* The first chore I did today: Washed dish after lunch.
* The first blog I visited today: Mine! I gotta see if anyone commented. Then Fr. Blake's. I wanted see if he'd been tapped for bishop or something.

I tag anyone who wants to play.

(Maybe it's just me, but the tail section of Alaska Airline's planes always make me wonder if they used Charles Manson for the model....)


EC Gefroh said...

You have a salty vocabulary so early in the morning ;-)

gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, none of the "filters" are switched on yet. I'm usually gretzy in the morning.

Anonymous said...

No prayers?

gemoftheocean said...

yeah, but not VOCALIZED...I prayed over those doughnuts. ;-D And thanked the Lord for getting me to and from the Airport in one piece at such an unGodly hour.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your waking expletive was not an instance of prayer.

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