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Monday, June 16, 2008

By hook or by crook

...funny the things you recall. The U.S. Golf Open this year is being played at Torrey Pines in San Diego. It's a beautiful course just north of the campus of UCSD. It's a public course, and San Diego is a golfer's paradise.

35 years ago this spring I was taking the honors course in US history from the legendary Father Earl LaRiviere (aka Fr. LaRiv) at University High. We'd all been paired up and given a class assignment to do one project on San Diego - something for which there were no source books. Two classmates, Dan C. and Peter H. were links rats ... always playing a round of golf somewhere. So naturally, they decided to do their report on "A history of San Diego Golf Courses."

Fortunately for them, Fr. LaRiv (a Jesuit who brooked no nonsense) was recovering from back surgery at the time Dan gave the oral report. Brother James was substituting for Fr. LaRiv and Dan was less than verbose. So brother started quizzing him.

Bro. James: What's your favorite course?
Dan: Torrey Pines
Bro. James: What are the green fees?
Dan: No idea, we just sneak on about the third hole or so.

Brother was speechless. I'd love to know what Fr. LaRiv would have said. I can guarantee he wouldn't have been speechless! I *think* Dan and Peter should be safe, the statute of limitations having worn off by now. Incidentally, Phil Mickelson attended the same high school some years later. The golf coach must have had the dream team that year!


Anonymous said...

Torrey Pines is a beautiful course, but since I don't golf, I want to be the one hang-gliding above them.

gemoftheocean said...

Tiger finally won today. Quite some years ago I went to a golf tournament held there .. a US Pro/Am ... it was a lot of fun to follow the golfers and walk the course. I'd have to say that golf fans are the politest and most respectful of the players of any sport I've seen. Very enjoyable.

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