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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Song Dedication

...for a lovely subset of guys who recently commented on a sartorial issue on a certain prominent blogger's cassock/surplice item. Not ALL the guys, mind - just the ones who can never manage to refrain from sounding queenier than the queen. On such topics they never disappoint in not sinking to misogyny. [Hey, a litotis!] Male Broadway costume designers don't get as bitchy. If a blog IS listed on my sidebar, it's *not* that one.

This one's for you, fellas. ♫

A belated Tony Award to you in your very own category. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves, I have to go down to Frye's Electronics to see if I can find a replacement needle for my gaydar meter which had jumped off the scale with such force it became dented.

update: found a FRU needle right next to the FRU mouse balls, how apt


Adrienne said...

Good one - understand exactly where you are coming from....

gemoftheocean said...

And I've noticed Adam's Ale quite some time ago took exception to that sort of thing too. Do some of these guys listen to themselves? Sheesh. The threads start off "fine" then two posts later it's like Maudie and Molly arguing at the Automat over who gets the chocolate eclair with the doily and then sensible people want to smack them both and say "would you silly hags knock it off." Hence why I tend to look at it only occassionaly when my blood pressure is low and need an elevation. The questions and topics are good, but there's a more than higher percentage of people I could cope with who have these "maudie and Molly" tendencies! Good grief!

BTW, it's from "When Pigs Fly" by none other than Howard Crabtree

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