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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Only We Would Have Gotten Busted

Waterfall Cascade This waterfall(*) is just south of the Hyatt where we stayed. It is very near the river, and also across from Wichita's minor league ballpark. We were sorely tempted to take our shoes off and wade in the shallow water. But we assumed the "death to you if you go in here ... private property ... keep the hell out" plaques really meant business. Not so much that they were concerned with you slipping and getting your ass wet. More like "If you slip, hurt your ass and try to sue us, we warned you to stay out." Later that evening, as we were getting ready for the show, from high atop the tenth floor we saw local youths taking the ease which we had foregone. They weren't even good hippies, as they were all fully clothed, sans footgear. Wassamatter with kids today?

(* This clip is very short, so even if you are burdened with dial-up, it's less than 15 seconds.)

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