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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't GO there, *#*SMED - I am WARNING you.

I won't give a damn what it looks like in the paper.

I have to fly later today, and because of you flying Imam clowns putting wires in cheese and other assorted stunts, it will take all of us a lot longer to get through the screening system. You people are damn lucky that I am not in charge, because if I am empress, the rules will be changed to allow anyone "not of headhacker kind" to request whichever implement we choose. I personally choose to rip your lungs out with my bare hands if one of you losers tries any stunts. I am already NOT in a good mood. Go ahead, make my day, because I am not going to give a damn how it reads in the paper. You won't get a chance to sue, because you will be dead. And where you are going you won't be getting any virgins, much less 72. Got that?


Anonymous said...

Gee sound kinda scary!

gemoftheocean said...

Ha-ha, I was in a state last night and this morning....EVERYTHING, customerservicewise went wrong...but I firmly insisted on good service all the way around. To cut a long story short, the Hyatt was the last screw up with taking an hour for for the shuttle pickup which was only to be "15" minutes. And then they had the reservation slightly balled up.... the shuttle guy made nicey, nicey (and got a great tip) -- and the Hyatt threw in free high speed internet AND a bottle of California Beringer White Zinfandel and a box of chocolate truffles... so I'm 80 bucks to the good. And my friend is a it's Mine, MINe, MINE on the vino. As I write this I'm 4/5ths of the way through the bottle, so if something's not spelled right....too bad!!!! Tonight we go to see Damn Yankees and our favorite (I met up with a friend from Michigan who got here last night) actor on planet earth is starring. My friend found a really good reat at the Hyatt, so It will cost us about $99 a night, plus tax...great deal. We've been out here for show before, and it's alwsys been fun.

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