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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Sure there was a Reason...God made *this* tree...

Unholy Mess

..I just don't "get" what He was think-
ing. I keep blocking out the name of this tree, so if anyone can tell me what tree leaves an unholy mess, like this tree leaves on my driveway every summer, I'd love to know. It only seems to grow about 20 feet high, and spreads out. Most of the times it doesn't have these little round figgy type balls of gunk falling off it...but it's a pain in the summer to sweep all this messy stuff up and not track it in the house. I think I hear God laughing up there.

In the movie "Oh God" George Burns [who played God] said "Well, I did make the avocado pits too big, but other than that...."

(This post originally on my telegraph - July 8, 2007)

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