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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is there ever a time when all your clothes are clean?

We haven't come far from beating on rocks. Especially before going on vacation? I fly out of hell-A two days from now, and naturally not a stitch of clothing is clean. It must be a law of nature or something. I've finally learned that washer/dryer at home or not...the best thing to do is bag it all and take it to the laundromat, and use 5 machines at once. You almost...almost...resent not being able to stand around in public and throw the last bit of clothing you have on your person in the washer right then and there. I suppose you could always hide behind a big newspaper...just for the sole satisfaction of washing everything. Some jobs never end.

Well, I'm off in a bit to do all that and need to make sure all my bills are paid before I take off...and see if I can find a cheap hotel stay on for a room close to the airport, that doesn't cost me what a night's stay at the Taj Mahal would be.

Tomorrow I want to decide if I can get by with one small carry on bag plus laptop. Can I get by without checking the bag? OR are they going to TOTALLY trip when I bring extra batteries and a battery charger AND heavens, mercy Maude, contact lens solution in a quantity larger than 3.5 ounces?

I look at those 1930s ads of the airhostesses showing passengers their sleeping bunks on the plane, but somehow, I don't think we're ever going to get back to that. I'd be just grateful if they wouldn't make us take our damn shoes off.. "Do I LOOK like Richard R.?" is something one can think, but no longer say. Thanks, dude, thanks to you, I hate everyone that even LOOKS like you! I wish the passengers had beaten the pulp out of you. Okay, in addition to that patronus I mentioned on that last blog, I also want to be able to apparate and disapparate - with as many damn batteries and electronic gear and cosmetic do dads that I please.

(originally posted July 24, 2007 at My Telegraph)

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