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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can the Quarter Moon Walking Through the Milky Way Be Far Behind?

Sailor's Delight. San Diego, July 13, 2007.

Today was the first really SULTRY day this year that I can recall.... It was a stuffy 82 until just a little while ago, when I broke down and went shopping for groceries around 7.15... what ever is a girl to do when she runs out of Stephen Colbert's AMERICONE DREAM? Especially when it's on sale at 2 for 5 bucks at Albertsons? It 's seldom this muggy...but the wind is from the NNW, and it's usually from the SW.... ah... but it was a beautiful red sky.... If there's a quarter moon walking, I can't see it for squat.

Anywhere else you could hope for a sudden cooling sprinkle of rain. Just not here. But it is a "perfect" 72.8 F. And most is well. At least in Grover's Corner, Ca. What's it like in your part of the world now?

(Originally posted July 13, 2007 at my telegraph)

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