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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update: The Sainted Fr. S.

Hasn't broken anything, or torn anything in his knee. Just keep him in your prayers that his knee heals -- hopefully for this Sunday, but if not by then, surely the next Sunday. Also please pray that I can put enough of a "package deal" to bribe the pastor emeritus, if need be, to do the 5:15 Sunday. That way, everyone gets to live.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

I will pray for the Sainted Fr. S., the dear man that he is!

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks Digi, I'll tell him you're rooting for him. (Uh, just in case, in case I need a lawyer to beat a future rap, who is the best one to get me off on Man 1?)

Marie said...

I dont know if you are able to help but Jean from Catholic Fire is having terrible computer problems. I can't help her in that I am a computer klutz(and admit it lol).

Here is the link to her blog:

I DO hope someone can help poor Jean?


Peace to you:)


gemoftheocean said...

Hi Marie, it's as late as all get out as I read your comment, but I'll take a look tomorrow

swissmiss said...

Are you certain the charges would be Man 1 and not justifiable homicide?

Prayers for Father S. Sounds like it wasn't as serious as it could've been. Hope he's back by Sunday since it's Divine Mercy and it sounds like that's what you need. Hang in there!

gemoftheocean said...

Well, he's not going to be up and about by this Sunday, as I spoke to him yesterday.

I'm going to a funeral Mass today in about a 1/2 hour, which I'll write about a little later, perhaps. If I can get a word with Fr. Tom (pastor emiritus, and a really good guy) I'll see how much he can be bribed to do the Sunday 5:15.

Oh, and yes, I'm guessing the charge would be Man 1 or perhaps Murder 2 - but I'd hope to get off on JH...trick is the jury has to have at least one *practicing* Catholic on it. The operative word, of course being "practicing."

The Digital Hairshirt said...


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